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Blogster Favbar: Learning More About My Friends By Reading What They Like

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, October 14th 2009 at 9:30am by rica
Related Tags: tools, blogster, blogging

I found out something interesting today. My friends's Favorites List is more interesting than mine.

I've been reading what fellow blogsters have written for the past few weeks and bookmarked the topics that I found interesting as I move along. These are the topics that I wanted to take note of and remember. So I decided to look through my Favorites list [left menu]  to see if there were any more topics that I would love to share outside blogster, and noticed a separate tab on top FRIEND FAVORITES. I clicked that and found out that it was a treasure trove in itself.

I also found out that this is one of the BEST ways to share an old post as well. It's better than going through the piles and piles of archives.

I'm still in love with the Favbar tool. For those who STILL don't know what it is, click here to read how it works.

User Comments

Mine doesnt seem to be working Rica....I added two posts to my favorites list...SWG's redneck post and RavenswoodSierra's disneyland post. I cant access them. I keep getting "error on page" even after I refresh.

is this a bug??....or am I not doing something right....probably the latter...lol

er.... i can see from MY favorites that you've added swg's post. What did you click BEFORE you got the error?

I clicked on the favorites (left menu)...I found the tab you mentioned...my own favorites tab and the friends favorite tab.

I clicked on one....nothing...error on page appeared on the bottom.

I refreshed...and clicked on friend's favorite...same thing happened.


oh man...i swear. why does this always happen to you? hehehehehehehe


you might need to file a bug report.. greg's the best guy to help you with that...

definitely a bug Rica...I just tried it again and keep getting the same thing. At the bottom of the page it says....done but with errors on page.

I dont know why this keeps happening to me....{#basic-cry.gif}{#basic-cry.gif}

If you get "done but with errors on page" at the bottom bar of your browser it means that the posts (or the procedure) aretrying to do some things to your browser that you don't allow... like Javascript or your Java might be out of date for the application that will bring you to the post

Thank you Greg, so it is not a bug that blogster can fix??

might be. try making sure that your java script is activated [tool/options]

it is...and I've got the latest version...I need it when I play my games of scrabble on facebook...lol.

hahahahahahahahahahah.... ooooh.


so, can you ask Greg about this too when you ask about Martin's problem? Thanks you're a sweetie....lol

lol. sure....

thanks Rica, I didn't even realize it was there! lol

awh man!!!!!! you didn't realize the NEW favorites link on your left menu? or that favbar at the bottom of each article? {#basic-laugh.gif}

Sheesh, I thought only we could see our favorites, so I didn't bother to load any in there because I already have my faves in a browser folder.

When I get around to it, you'll be seeing yourself there, Rica.

awh gee...thanks LW! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Interesting.  I too did not realize that others could see our favorites bar.  But it's okay, since they are posts open to whoever wishes to read them, anyway.

yes. the nice part here is that at least i can read interesting  articles that you guys have picked out as well!

Okay I give up--I looked left, right, up, down and I see NOTHING that says favorites, let alone friend favorites!!!  OOOPS! Finally saw it on new bar on bottom of blog!

I hate all these bells and whistles--oh, well, you can't teach an old man new tricks or so I've been told!{#dancing6.gif}{#flag.gif}

woooohoooooooooooo!!!!!! happy!

who said you can't? only my stubborn grandmother of 91 refused to be taught. hehehehe.


Okay, I just clicked favorites and it says I put this blog on my list--nothing wrong with it but IF I wanted to delete how do I do that??

uhm... there's a delete link on the RIGHT side of the title [that small red dot]


Okay, this is what I got when I clicked that dot---'There was an error adding this favorite. Have you checked to see if you've reached the limit of favorites you can have or if this is already on your list of favorites?' Limit of favorites??? I don't have one!!! LOL

hmmmm. actually you can have up to 500 favorites. so you tried deleting one of your favorites? hmmmm.. i think i will ask greg about this error. thanks martin.

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