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Sanctimonious Witch Hunters

Added: Thursday, September 23rd 2021 at 5:40am by retiredinaz
Related Tags: hate, treason

There’s not one leftist scumbag in Congress that could withstand the scrutiny to which Trump has been / is subjected.

He had the audacity to expose the venal swamp rats in Washington and the fake news propagated by the elitist swine in the liberal media and they hate him for it. The fact that they got caught at obvious cheating cannot be vindicated no matter how much they lie about it and they know it. 

It’s a vendetta that far surpasses even that against Richard Nixon in its viciousness.

Their hatred is of such intensity it’s a wonder they all aren’t struck down with apoplexy. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of pious hypocrites. 

Vultures, eager to cash in book deals will propound any drivel they think will hurt Trump. Woodward is a leftwing hack and has no credibility. Trump’s niece is just a vindictive whiner. The Never Trumpers and RINOs are a spineless lot pouting because they been relegated to obscurity. 

If we don’t win back both the House and the Senate in 2022 there’ll be no hope of recovery from the incompetence, sedition and cultural rot of the Marxist cabal.


User Comments

{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} You've got that right.  It's up to the people now, to take back control.

Thanks, ellie. There are millions of individuals and many groups working towards our goal.

Plus, the Marxists are blithely committing political suicide. We need to urge them on.

   {#apploud.gif} Sooooo TRUE !

    "There’s not one leftist scumbag in Congress that could withstand the scrutiny to which Trump has been / is subjected. "

Their motivator is the Devil...

Thanks for the visit.

I couldn't agree with you more! 👏👏 Trump has made a lot of grifters rich off their false accusations and twisting of events. It's no secret they hate Trump, but like he says... when they attack him, they are attacking us.. they hate us, too. We see straight thru them. 

The MSM continues to bash Trump in order to cover for Bidens disasters.

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