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Added: Tuesday, June 30th 2020 at 9:42am by retiredinaz
Related Tags: thug, terrorism, treason

Respect has to earned. The arrogant seditionist rioters that demand respect simply because they exist should be invited to go straight to Hell. They’re not worth a damn for anything but destruction.




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This guy writes an article saying Conservatives have to get together and fight them.

We’re In A Cultural Civil War. It’s Time For Conservatives To Fight Back The Black Lives Matter movement is not a majority. Its radical agenda can be resisted and defeated. But not if ordinary Americans stay silent.

John Daniel Davidson




Like so many, he's just another Conservative empty talking head with no real solutions.

We are fighting a 'religious war ', for these idiot "protesters' are the poster children of/for religious nuts ...about their wrong-headed and empty-headed crap.

So, HOW, Mr.    So, HOW , Mr smartypants?

As things stand now, there's not an answer.

A lot of Conservatives don't vote ...maybe start there...

ALOSO: Get unreservedly behind Mr. Trump, and do not waver

I fear we'll be sabotaged by our own Party. The Bushes are peeved because Jeb was supposed to be the next Bush president,

Really, I never heard that about Jeb ...but I don't watch EVERY thing that goes on. (glad he didn't make it!!! ...and super-glad Trump did!!!!)

It wasn't all that obvious, but they assumed, or hoped fo,r a continuation of the Bush dynasty. The entire family is now backing Biden.

There several GOP lawmakers willing sell their souls to the blacks even tho it won't help them at all in the end.

"The entire family is now backing Biden. "

What? (well, that tells a big story about RINO-them, doesn't it?)

"...willing sell their souls to the blacks... "

I don't "get" that one.  Oh,...  ??to get their votes, you mean??

My point is if we lose the Senate and/or presidency it'll be the fault of Republican voters.

Yep, for certain...

I agree!

Thanks for the visit, ellie.

GANGSTER respect? I think not. 

No respect from me.

They get nothing but contempt from me. 

Me too.

It seems to me there has always been a need to put an end to prejudicial actions by people in authority (e.g. the police). However, I haven't seen the need for people to go crazy in the streets, destroying statues and public property as a form of protest. Even Martin Luther King, Jr. has said, "Violence as a way of achieving social justice is both impractical and immoral ... Violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because ... it seeks to annihilate rather than convert." And I think he's right.

Rioting just for the hell of it is inexcusable.

I agree.

Thanks for the visit,Amala.

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