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Offend Day

Added: Saturday, December 14th 2019 at 4:53pm by retiredinaz
Related Tags: cheating, corruption

It seems there is a ‘DAY’ for just about everything. I suggest to the Real People of the Real America that they begin a "Offend All Of The Whining, Sniveling Minority Groups" ‘DAY’.

These groups, according to themselves, are the most important and the most mistreated citizens in our country. If their skin gets any thinner their innards are going to show through.

Kowtowing to these extortionists is abject cowardice. Most of these ingrates are not worth the misery they cause.

It’s always the most worthless that screech the loudest.





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Thanks for    . . . 30 seconds of T R U T H ! ! !

You are welcome!

{#apploud.gif} AMEN!!! {#apploud.gif}

Thanks, Ted.

{#apploud.gif}OFFEND MONTH for those groups 

Thanks for the visit, kats.


Thanks for the visit, us2.

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