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It's Pointless To Point This Out, But ............

Added: Friday, October 15th 2021 at 6:37am by retiredinaz
Related Tags: tyranny

Executive Orders are not laws. Only Congress can enact laws. 

Covid and mandates are not constitutional issues, therefore, the Federal Government cannot legally countermand a state‚Äôs duly passed laws.  

A totalitarian police state can and does, however. 


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To the point, and point on... democrat/RINO rule is totalitarian rule. 

True, but not enough people see it as such.


Thanks for the visit, wendi.


The currant President, thinks he's above the law. His mandate, for EVERYONE to get the shots, does not hold water, it's illegal, pure and simple.  Too bad Presidets casn't be arrested, for breaking the law.

With leftists every decision is a one-off; the results are irrelevant.

Right on...thanks for the reminder...

You're welcome.

Totalitarian Police State. 

Could be worse.

Could be bumbling idiots in charge of tis State.

Oh wait.... :(

You reckon?

I'm glad to hear that. My husband said the Feds are trying to overturn Texas' abortion law. I guess they want everybody to be able to stick a syringe in a 9 month fetus's head, kill it, cut it up and deliver it in parts like the Liberal Californian lawmakers want to do. 

Liberals don't see abortion as murder, they see it as a vote-getter.

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