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Added: Thursday, July 2nd 2020 at 9:40am by retiredinaz
Related Tags: socialism

Equality. I’m sick and tired of hearing about it. It is the single most destructive myth the world has ever known.

Equality before the law is as it should be, but societal equality is not only insane, it’s impossible! There is no basis for this abomination except for Jefferson’s damnable lie.

Equality Screechers can rejoice, though. Thanks to White Liberals, Blacks, Criminal Invaders, and Sycophants in the media totalitarianism is well under way in this country.

For the stupid bastards that can’t wait, they can always move to North Korea. There they already have an established commune of societal equality. They’re all starving, but, hey. What’s a little hunger if you’re equal.

Freedom there is not necessary since the dictator tells you what you can do, what you can say, where you can to go, etc .

Intelligent people would do well to be careful about what they wish for.




User Comments

"fair" baloney has been replaced by 'equality' crap

Too right!

Social and economic equality is for losers. The haves and the have nots

That's a reality the leftists just can't comprehend.

Never thought of it in the way, but your post sure makes good sense.

Thanks for the visit, Wendi.

Quite welcome.

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