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Boycott The Boycotters

Added: Sunday, September 12th 2021 at 2:44pm by retiredinaz
Related Tags: hypocrisy, demonizing

It would be great if the Real People of the Real America could boycott the businesses that blackmail and ostracize states because they disagree with the state’s laws. Said businesses don’t deserve our commerce.

These self-appointed arbiters of justice and morality are, by their actions, pandering to the lowest form of societal trash. In so doing they are thumbing their noses reasonable, law-abiding citizens

These sanctimonious, self-righteous hypocrites are certainly more contemptible than the states they are trying to damage. They are denying the constitutional rights for others while claiming the high moral ground for themselves just to pacify the guttersnipes on the left.   



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Thanks for the visit, maggie.

Bingo! I like this idea.

Thanks for the visit, Ken.

I try my best .. 

This is not always possible, of course. Most of the CEOs are leftists, so trying to dodge all of them would be difficult.

There was a time businesses stayed out of politics publicly..l not anymore. I know NIKE and Ben and Jerry's is on my boycott list as are google,  Levi's,  NFL and others that had to stick their nose into the destruction of our country. 

{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif}

Thanks for the visit, ellie.

Fact is, boycotting the boycotters is one way of loving them into right thinking...and there are other good ways, too (If I may say)...like praying for them to shun evils and to embrace love/loving.

Hmmmm.... Jesus said "Pray for your enemies"... that's where I was coming from when I said those things immediately above...  {#basic-halo.gif}

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