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Kitchen cabinets: Readymade or custom made

Added: Thursday, September 3rd 2015 at 2:01am by remodelings15

Kitchen cabinets can be bought readymade or custom made.  Shopping for kitchen cabinetry can be dissatisfying for some who do not like the selection of the big box stores and import cabinet dealers.   These home owners like to get custom built cabinets for their kitchen remodel project. Both stock and custom cabinetry have some advantages and disadvantages.

  Stock kitchen cabinets are pre-built to a specific size and then resold by a cabinet dealer. They are usually created in 2 inch increments. These types of cabinets are suitable for the basic kitchen layouts such as the L shaped kitchens. There are no problems in installing the stock cabinets in such kitchens. However, if you need cabinetry fitted between two walls, you will have to look at a custom solution.  The quality of the stock cabinets is also deemed unreliable for those who care for quality. The low to mid-range priced cabinets do not last long and feature low cost door hinges and drawer slides.

There are only two advantages to these cabinets, cost and speed. The cabinets are low cost as they are mass produced. The look and style is also very standardized. You can find basic colors to suit the interiors of your kitchen. The second advantage is speed. When you must install the cabinets within a few days, the ready stock is available at the warehouse for sale and installation at low cost. Imported items are also worth a try. Check to see the credibility of the manufacturer before you make a purchase.

Custom cabinets can be designed to fit between two walls. The kitchen layout, your design ideas and the storage needs are all considered to guarantee you get a high functionality cabinetry that matches seamlessly with other design elements of the kitchen.  You can choose the type of door hinges and drawer slides to suit your taste. Sam’s Flooring Gallery has been installing cabinets and remodeling kitchens in Houston and surrounding areas since 1997.

Searching for the right kitchen cabinets ? Click here: http://samsflooringgallery.com/      


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