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Evil Apple Empire sued

Added: Thursday, April 12th 2012 at 1:48pm by ravenwolfsmoon
Related Tags: books, ebook, apple, amazon

Evil Empire sued


According to many recent stories in the news, Apple Inc. and five major book publishers were recently sued by the Department of Justice (:DOJ), for conspiring and manipulating e-book prices.

The civil antitrust lawsuit filed in the District Court for the Southern District in New York accused Apple, HarperCollins Publishers Inc, Simon & Schuster Inc, Hachette Book Group, Macmillan and Penguin Group of htching a secret plot to inflate e-book prices aimed at curbing Amazon’s dominance in the e-book market.

The plan by Apple and others probably began when Amazon launched its e-book reader Kindle. Amazon began to offer e-books at a lower discounted price ($9.99) much to the ire of publishers, whose retail businesses suffered significant market share loss. The move paid off for Amazon, as the company grabbed 90% of the e-book market within a couple of years since the launch of Kindle.

Poor Apple! I really feel sorry for this company that has had so much bad press recently - Not!

I guess I’m one of the few but maybe growing group who view Apple as the modern day version of the Evil Empire. Every few months it comes out with the new and improved version of its iPad or its cell phone or its tablet. From its computers on down, everything it sells is expensive and produced with cheap foreign labor, and made old within less than a year.

I don’t own anything made by Apple, primarily because of what they charge for their products and I am not one to throw away perfectly good electronics just because there is something newer with a few more bells and whistles.

But this ebook pricing scandal really gets my goat because I know what it costs to create and sell an ebook - next to nothing after the author completes the text.

Take my books for an example.

My vampire novels and my outdoor hiking guide retail on Amazon and many other locations for $15.99 in print. As an ebook, they retail for $4.99. On the print books I earn on average about $6.82 and in the ebooks I earn about $3.47.

Yes, I make less on the ebooks but I sell more than twice as many ebooks than I sell print. This seems fair and I really don’t understand the greed of major publishers and authors who are already making a fortune.

Speaking of major authors, I won’t buy anything from them and haven’t since buying Potter books for my granddaughters.

As a reviewer for Allbooks Review, I have read many good books by authors who are not famous and don’t feel the need to line the pockets of those who are living high on the hog.

I say, support the small fry and screw the big fish.

User Comments

I know nothing about Apple--didn't even know about Steve Jobs--I do believe my books are available through ebooks but at this point (I am planning to win the powerball Saturday) I don't care.

In a few years except for people who, like me, NEED to hold a book/newspaper/magazine in their hands print won't exist!

If Apple is the evil empire I don't really care.  All I know is that if you are an Apple stockholder right now, you gotta love them.  I have the latest iPad, I have a MacBook Pro and an iPod.  I don't have an iPhone simply because the screen is too small so I got the best Android phone out there so I'm not a total iSheep that has been assimilated by the evil empire.  Apple makes great electronics that do last and for that I don't mind paying a premium for them.  I almost bought a Kindle Fire tablet last December but decided to wait for the next gen iPad instead and I'm glad I did.  I do use the Kindle app and purchase ebooks from Amazon.  I will be pissed it Apple doesn't allow Kindle to run on IOS.  It's ironic that Apple is suing Samsung when Samsung is the company that supplies the retina displays for the new iPad.  

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