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Where are your Tires?

Added: Monday, May 28th 2012 at 12:08pm by rantshack



It appears as though it can happen to anybody, at anytime and anywhere. You are cruising along in your new automobile, and you suddenly get the urge, it happens to the best of us, you pull over in what looks like a “SAFE” neighborhood and decide to go into the local coffee bean barn for a morning mocha, java or cappuccino. You swear you will only be gone for two minutes, if that, what could happen in two minutes for Pete’s sake? And yet when you walk back to the curb you find your Escalade, Porsche or Mercedes wearing cement loafers. That’s right; your baby just had her new Bridgestone’s jacked. Stunned, alarmed and well- Just plain old Pissed off. You begin the immediate process of locating witnesses before finally reporting the incident to the local police.


Minutes later, the police arrive to inspect the crime scene. They try to interview the same witnesses that you already have, but of course nobody saw nothing, so two stand around scratching themselves on the butt inquisitively. Two decide they need a coffee and a donut while your baby gets manhandled by crime scene investigators all because you stopped in the wrong neighborhood for a cup of Joe. Relax my friend. It isn’t your fault, you know that right? After all it can happen at anytime and anywhere. Some people just seem to feel the need to jack other peoples unsuspecting Bridgestone’s it can and usually does happen to anybody.sometimes in the most unlikeliest of places.




User Comments

Nothing like Apartment parking. New tires, new windows, new stereos. Sometimes they just take the whole freaking car.

we had a car in the apartments across the field a few years ago get firebombed.. my friend sais it was because the young punks that tried to steal couldn't figure out how to hotwire it so they blew it up instead. true story.

Sounds ,like beautiful downtown Detroit.

--How do you like them unions now?

In detroit they would just steal the whole friggin car.

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