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Maybe I'm just getting old.

Added: Sunday, May 27th 2012 at 9:56pm by rantshack


In the past year I’ve noticed a few disturbing things about that have been subtly changing, Muscle cramps have been becoming more and more frequent, sharp pains in my left elbow joint occur whenever I try to pick something with a little weight to it up the wrong way. Stuff like this just happens, especially as you begin to get older. Out of everything, the thing that I find most disturbing is when I wake up in the morning I have trouble bending my fingers, leading me to believe that I may have a touch of arthritis. I will have to go to the doctor to be absolutely certain, but the fingers thing is what troubles me the most.


The picture I’ve put in this post is an actually picture of an instrument that I dearly love looking at, love touching and most importantly love playing. I’ve dabbled at playing guitar since I was about eleven years old, my older brothers all played so I figured, why not? To make a long story short, a little while ago in between messing with my posts here on Blogster, I picked up Erica and put some new strings on her and tuned her up. I haven’t played in a while, not since the finger problem started in fact, so I was relieved to not feel any discomfort in my fingers when I began chording the fret board.


I must admit I’m a little puzzled, relieved somewhat, but puzzled. Why are my knuckles so sore when I first wake up, but not later in the day? I can still play obviously; so maybe I should count my blessings, but sooner or later I’m going to have to go see a doctor to know what’s really going on. Granted, like I said, I don’t play now as much as I used to, but not being able to whenever I want to will be very bad. I also have two acoustic guitars in addition to the Fender Stratocaster, so it would really suck if I had to get rid of them because my fingers decided they didn’t want to work anymore. The first chance I get, I’m definitely going to consult with a physician.



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Go to the store and buy a bottle of Glucosmine Complex with Chondrointin and MSM.  It's not that expensive and it works. It's not a pain killer. It actually rebuilds, lubricates, and makes you're pain go away. I Hyper extended a knee years ago. Had trouble with it as early as high school football.

Also as weird as it sounds. I got back on an exercise program of cardio and weight lifting. I'm lifting 500 lbs. with those old knees and I don't even take the Glucosamine anymore. I'm 56. Just take it easy with the exercise. I only do about 1 hour aday and probably realistically only about 3 to 5 times a week. Muscles and joints need rest as well.

Of course we are all diferent so going to a doctor is a smart move. But remember pain killers only mask the problem allowing it to get worse. Try the proactive way as well. Cut back on pain killers as you go. Experiment with it.

Good advice above from HOW.  Also, re:  the muscle spams.  Muscle spasms are most often a result of potassium or sometimes calcium deficiency.  You can buy a bottle of potassium supplement for probably under $4. If you are having spasms, take a tablet, give it an hour, take one more if necessary.  You'll generally know very quickly if that is the problem.  Good food sources for potassium are bananas and melon.   Most fruits have at least some.   Calcium supplements are also inexpensive, but always take vitamin D with it to help with absorption.  You can also buy a supplement that contains both. 

Getting old isn't for sissies....lol

good idea, consult a physician to check why your knuckles are so sore first thing in the morning.   Getting old sucks!!!!

All very good advice, My next stop will be the doctors office to see what they have to say.

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