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Condom Catheters

Added: Wednesday, August 31st 2011 at 3:34pm by randallsharp615
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Condom catheters, better known as external catheters, are like condoms in that they're placed over the penis to drain the urine straight to a drainage bag. Such type of catheter does not contain a tube system being inserted throughout the body, rather is external and requires replacement everyday. As mentioned before, all catheter supplies include drainage bags to recover the urine. This is another supply required in any kind of catheter system. Typically there is two kinds of drainage hand bags: a leg bag along with a down drain bag. A leg bag was created to be worn to the lower leg underneath pants and supplies the convenience of currently being and public and with a catheter system. On the opposite hand, the down drain bag is typically used at night during sleep and holds much more urine versus leg bag.

Men fighting with urinary incontinence have to take care of a highly embarrassing situation everyday for their condition. To make things rather convenient for them male external catheters is a great help. These is often slipped on like your condom. The other end has a tube that is connected to a urine range bag. It is preferable to go for latex-free silicone external catheters, as these usually do not cause irritation to the facial skin. The urinary bladder may be a small balloon-like organ placed just behind the pubic structure. The urine that passes right out of the kidneys is stored while in the bladder. When the bladder may get full, it sends a message to the brain, which then sends a signal to your sphincter muscles to relax and let the urine to flow out so that the bladder is empty. That seemingly simple function can develop certain snags, that can make urination a hard experience. Due to certain health concerns, people may lose regulate over their bladder and develop urinaryincontinence. In this case, they'll pass urine or several drops of it involuntarily. It is typically socially quite embarrassing.

To enable such people, an Condom Catheter is needed, which is more convenient to address than an internal catheter. An external catheter, mainly used by men, is slipped about the male organ. The other end that forms into a tube is attached with a disposal bag. The benefit of developing an external catheter is that one can conveniently remove it in addition to replace it yourself. Hygiene is a prerequisite such matters. After touching the actual catheter or the urine handbag, make sure that you wash your hands properly. You may also wash the skin that is exposed to catheter regularly. Place the collection bag on a level lower than your bladder so your urine flows down conveniently without the obstruction. Remember that fluids flow from your higher plane to a reduced one.

Make sure the tube attached to your urine bag is flexible to assist you to maneuverability. Keep the catheter as well as connecting tube free because of kinks or loops providing obstruction-free flow of the urine into your urine bag.

Empty the urine bag when the item fills, never allowing the urine in order to in the tube when the bag is full. It's also possible to empty the bag just about every single four to eight hours or as needed. Stay away from touching the end of the spout when disconnecting the bag within the tube. If you accomplish this accidentally, wash your palms thoroughly.

Fix the catheter cylinder securely to the thigh with the help of a strap. Leave room for some slack so there is no pressure on the catheter after you move your leg. Wedding ceremony external catheter is well secured within your organ, chances are that a firm pull might dislodge that.

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