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6 basic troubleshooting problems and its solution

Added: Wednesday, July 19th 2017 at 4:17am by Printersupportnumber1258

There are common Kodak printer support errors that need to be fixed in order to restore your device again in its original stage. Here are the following solutions that will let you know about troubleshooting tips to 8 fix common errors that are experienced by the Epson printer customer support number users regularly.

Problem1: Printer does not power on


•    Make sure that you are using the power card that comes with your printer.

•     And also make sure that the power cord is connected to the AC adapter and is plugged into a power strip.

•    If the power to the printer was interrupted, restart the computer.


Problem2: Image quality problems


•    Use Kodak paper for best results.

•    Make sure that the paper is loaded correctly.

•    For more help, you can visit us at Kodak printer support


Problem3: Printer not detected


•    Make sure that you have a USB 2.0 cable.

•    Also, make sure that USB cable is connected to both printer and your system.

•    Make sure that printer is plugged in and turned on.


Problem4: Paper Jam


•    Check in the rear-access clean out area for paper.

•     Then open the printer access door and gently remove any paper from inside the printer.

•     And Make sure that the paper in the printer is free of tears.

•    Make sure not to overload the paper tray.

•    For more troubleshooting information you can visit us at


Problem5: Printhead Carriage jam


•    Open the printer access door and clean all the obstructions.

•    Also, check whether the Print head and ink cartridges are installed properly.


Problem 6: Ink cartridges problem


•    Check that the ink cartridges are properly installed.

•    Don’t use on-Kodak brand ink cartridges.

•    Remove and then install the cartridges again.


Some other problems can be resolved quickly by doing following steps:

•    power  cycling the printer

•    turn off the printer

•    Wait for five seconds

•     Turn on the printer




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