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spirits, curses or am i crazy?

Added: Sunday, April 15th 2012 at 11:30am by Pr3ttyR3ckl355

Ok, So here's the deal. I'm becoming more and more certain that i've been cursed. Just hear me out before you start rolling your eyes at me.

When i was about 15 i got caught up in the devil and the dark side. i put pentagrams on the wall and necklaces and everything. Dressed the part and everything. Didn't mess with anything spiritual or anything. I guess it was more rebellion than anything else. A couple years later i took it down from my wall.I didn't want anything to do with satanism or anything any more as it was starting to creep me out so i threw everything i had away. My friend at the time, who i'm not going to name obviously, was still into satanism and i still belive she is. infact she conciders herself a witch and knows spells. Her mother is also into witchcraft and knows spells. They were even open about it when i used to go round here. Even the set up of the house is rather spiritual and some of the stuff they have have spiritual meaning. My then friend told me about some of the stuff she could do and she even had a book of certain spells to show me. As me and her had fallen out with one of myotherfriendsatthe time she told me she put a curse on here. I didn't think anything of it. My other friend who this friend put the curse on told me that she had come up to her and put a curse on her that she should get a cold and illness.

Her mother had a friend over who was a heeler and we would always get brushed into the living rookm when she was over so they could concentrate on things.


A few years ago i got into an argument with this friend and we 'fell out' later after settling things we became friends again but it didnt fell the same. She was always smug and had this 'im better than everyone attitude' We then fell out again and the last thing i said to her was 'Go jump off a bridge'  which i admit no was a really stupid and immature thing to say but i was 17 or so at the time and angry. we havent spoken since.

I started to get into the paranormal and things like that again after watching most haunted. I must stress that this 'devil worship' stuff is far behind me now. I have crucifix round my neck instead of a pentagram and i even own a bible.

Like i said, i got into the paranormal again and whilst watching these ghost shows i couldnt help but wonder if the things they were saying and the things that were happening were indeed true. I started reading about psychics and paranormal phenomina. Having a daily battle with myself about weather spirits do exist or not. At one point i was and then i lost faith.

Everything over the last couple of years has just got worse. Dads been in and out of jobs and his health has gone down hill. Mum and dad are arguing alot and money problems are just non stop. Today i suddenly realised i may have opened up something really really bad.

This ex friend that i used to have, well i believe she may have put a curse on me. She is one to hold grudges and like i said, shes into satanism and black magic and everything has been going wrong since me and her became no longer friends. There was one more problem with this as i didn't believe in ghosts any more. I had no proof whatsoever that they indeed exist until i was on facebook and i became a little upset over this matter of me being cursed and told a friend about it and ended the message with 'and i dont even know if they exits' my friend told me after a long drawn out conversation that she didnt think i was mad and then i told her that she must think im mad and shes not believing me and she told me she see's the dead. I of course didnt know what to say.  I messaged her back saying are you serious? and she told me she was. This is a girl i have known for 15 years and whom i have been very close friends with. Not for one moment do i believe she is crazy.Ifibelieveher then i must believe they exist. She told me about speaking to her grandfather and other spirits and how sometimes they stop her on the street. I asked her again if she was serious and not messing with me and she simply told me 'this isn;'t exactly something you lie about.' like i've said before. Ive known her for some time now and i know she would lie to me. They must exist! i have also been speaking to someone else online who follows wiccan and he also tells me spirits exist and that curses are true and work.

I knew even before today that something was going on that i didnt fully understand. I've been hurting myself for the last ... long time in order to try and protect my family from it. Now, if i am cursed i can't let anyone else in... Not anyone. If i am cursed i dont know if it will rub off on other people. Unfortunatly that means keeping my Boyfriend at arms length. He wont understand why. It's not like i'm going to tell him about this becuase there is no why in hell (Ecxuse the pun) that he is going to belive me.

If anyone out there knows about curses or spirits or anything like that please drop me a message as i need your help!



User Comments

You know you put ' i know she would lie to me' I do hope you mean wouldn't!? Lols.
Why won't he believe you?...Does he not believe in these kind of things?....and you know if he really loves you and/or cares about you then he wouldn't laugh at you and he'd support you! x

Spirits are real but not spells and curses. The reason why some bad things are happening in your life cuz you believe in it (the curse) and if you thought positively, things would be better. You are doing it to yourself. You lost faith. 

Your parents must think positively and find some solution to help themselves financially and healthwise, even you too! Find your Faith in God and he will guide you. {#blue_bird.gif}{#friend.gif}

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