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What is the difference between a Jacuzzi and a plunge pool?

Added: Wednesday, December 7th 2016 at 3:30am by Poolworldthailand
Related Tags: swimming, thailand, pool

When it comes to buying a pool or a Jacuzzi, knowing where to go with the differences is very important. The difference between a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi might be obvious, but what about a plunge pool? On the outside, both of these products can look very similar to one another. In turn, it can be easy to make the wrong choice and instead find that the option you should have went for was the better option.

The plunge pool is the idea of a swimming pool for those with minimal space but who don’t want to miss out. However, the minimalistic size means that many people can mistake your plunge pool for a hot tub.

Typically, these are small and shallow little pools that tend to be offered as a lounging location rather than swimming. So they have far more in common with the Jacuzzi than they do a traditional swimming pool.

The Main Benefits

The benefits of going with a plunge pool over a Jacuzzi, though, can be seen here;

·         They tend to be much cheaper to run than a Jacuzzi. They have far less cost to actually manage due to the lesser requirements in management. Also they tend to cost less than a swimming pool as they take up far less room and thus need less work.

·         Maintenance is lesser, too. whilst the level of maintenance needed is the same the actual volume of work needed is much smaller. You cannot leave a plunge pool alone for a long time, but you do have far less ground to cover when you do want to make a change to the water or to maintain any particular part of the pool/

·         Smaller size means less water, meaning that it also takes far less time to fill up than a normal pool. This is good for time as it allows you to get it ready quickly when you decide that you are in the mood. When you use a normal swimming pool it can take a lot longer for it to fill up and be used in the way you intended.

·         Various design elements change, meaning that you might be more likely to find what you are looking for with a plunge pool than a hot tub.

The Big Difference

The main difference, then, comes in the water temperature. If you decide to go with a plunge pool you will find that the water is cooler. It comes down to personal taste – if you like cooler water on a warm day then a plunge pool is the place to go to. If you prefer the warmth of a hot tub, then that is the ideal choice – it does really come down to what you prefer.

Both, though, work as a mood elevators and as ways to put yourself in a better frame of mind. Now, though, you can make sure that you invest in the right kind of tub for you.


Is it going to be hot or cold? What do you prefer? 

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