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Name Creator Response Rating
Slutty Avatar Poll 113
How many Blogsters went to Public School? 96
What is the number one issue that concerns you today? 55
What was your favorite movie of the past year? 47
Free EKY Now! 30
What will Hurt 0bama Most? 30
President Obama claims that on Christmas, he gives nicer gifts than he receives. Michelle; not happy. 28
Blogster Election 25
What is your favorite candy? 24
What are you?? (Bisexual, Homosexual, or straight?) 24
Which type Music is YOUR Favorite???? 23
Presidential Vote ~~ for kicks and giggles 23
Gay Marriage 23
Blogster Notifications Poll. All Blogsters Input Requested. 22
Happy New Year 22
Gay Rights 21
Hair, Hair, Hair 21
Blogster: HOT or NOT ? 21
What religion do you consider yourself to be? 20
Did you think Casey Anthony Was Guilty or innocent? 20
I just want to know 20
Has anyone even noticed? 19
Should you do something, just because you have the right to do it? 19
If You Had One Million Dollars 19
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