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Name Creator Response Rating
Super Bowl 50 1
Who if any? 6
Are Facebook And Twitter 4
homework on weekends the 2 days you have off from school 4
If abortion is murder... 15
If I Was Rubbing Your Feet 2
blog ideas 5
home schooling for special needs 0
Your Feet 1
Your Nails 6
test 0
The Most Conservative Woman In America 3
Best Countries In The World 2
Worst Countries In The World 1
Is it to soon? 7
Deep thinking Bullshitter of the Universe 5
World Series 2
Blue Jays Or Cubs Or Dodgers Or Someone Else 4
The Left Wing Quebecer And The Ultra Left Wing Quebecer 2
Advantages/ Disadvantages 1
Please rate my blog 0
If You Are Single 2
WWE Divas 3
Barefoot Sports 4
What Should I Do? 6

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