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Name Creator Response Rating
Number one thing you love about being a woman! 1
Lets be Honest What is the first thing you look for... 2
Split System Repair Service Melbourne - Cid-Air-Conditioning 0
Children Against Guns 2
Do guns really help or harm? 9
Should a gun be easy for anyone to aquire (including wrong do'ers) 2
Second amendment needs to be revised or repealed ? 14
Peace 💛💙💜💚❤️ 0
Would You...? 3
Garage Doors Perth | Roller Doors Perth | Roller Door Repairs Perth – doic.com.au 0
Who should propose? 4
Tecnology! 1
คำถาม 0
Building approvals Permits Certification Wynnum Cleveland Logan Ipswich Queensland Brisbane - basepermits.com.au 1
16 and Pregnant 5
We Have A Tie!! Between TWO For Village idiot. Please Vote Here 8
Do you want to see the beginning of my new book? 6
Village Idiot Elections Now Open! 9
I Would Know If I'm Getting A Kick In The Head Or My Testes. (or, just kicks) 11
Tight Pants Ban?!?!? 2
Should I Report A Bully? 4
Jeff Bell or Cory Booker? 1
Stress Managment 5
What are you into? Gun related. 11
If you had the chance to go fishing/hunting in Canada, would you go? 7

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