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Name Creator Response Rating
Alberta Election 1
What is Your Favorite Drug? 7
On Saturday Birthday 37 If I See Some Of My Family 1
Canadian Carbon Tax 1
So Who Is Going To Beat Donald Next Year? 5
If You Like The Royal Family, I Hate Most Of Them. 3
Do Any Of You 1
If I Am Stuck In Toronto Forever And I Can't Get To America To Love Becky And Tulsi 1
Best Music That I Have Loved In My Lifetime? 1
Best TV Show That I Have Seen In My Lifetime? 1
Best Movie That I Have Seen In My Lifetime? 3
Tulsi VS Kamala The Battle Of All Time 1
Who Do You Hate/Dislike the Most? 3
Condos 2
A holiday poll to start the season off 17
Should Every Country Like America And Israel? Or Should Every Country BE LIKE America And Israel? 2
Why Muslims Do Not Do Anything Anymore 1
What was your life like without Blogster? 12
Who Should I Love? 2
Best Social Media Website? 1
Best City In Canada? 4
Stanley Cup 2018 1
Ontario Election 1
Which mode of test/exam is better - Online or pen & paper ? 1
If Trump Bombs Syria 2

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