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Name Creator Response Rating
KD Or BC Or AB 1
If I Marry 1 Of These 10 Women 2
AMOD: Trump's Executive Order on Payroll Taxes 4
Which Country Would You Rather Live In? 1
Should The Supreme Court Order Everyone To Wear A Mask? 6
Top News Story In The Second Half Of 2020 5
If Toronto Is Getting A New Mayor In 2 Years 1
Well You Know Who I Want To Love 1
Most Right Wing Canadian Woman? 1
Most Left Wing Canadian Woman? 1
After The Virus Is Gone, Whenever That Is, 1
Erica Natividad Or Beatrice Vaisman? 1
Kool-Aid or Soda?? 2
Stupid Tuesday Tomorrow 2
If The Next Canadian Prime Minister Is A Woman, But Not Chrystia Freeland 1
If Tulsi Is Going To Be Bernie's Vice President 1
The Blogster Hall Of Fame 4
Super Bowl I Will Not See If My Country Does Not Get The American Commercials 1
Which Toronto News Girl 1
If I Marry A Politician Sometime In My Lifetime, But Not Kirsty Duncan Or Tulsi Gabbard Or Ruby Dhalla, 1
What Happens To The Donald 2
A World Without 1
Best Pizza Place? 1
Which soda is best? 6
If I Have To Marry Ana Or Kirsty 1

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