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Name Creator Response Rating
Who would make the best U.S. speaker of the House? 4
Nazi War Criminals 4
Poll Time 7
Will Blogster Shut Down When Bill C 11 Becomes Canadian Law? 3
Kirsty Duncan Or Ana Bailao? This Poll Will Decide Who I Really Will Marry For Real. 1
What Happens After The Queen Liz Funeral? 1
Pimento cheese 6
Did Satan The Serpent Create Muslims? 2
Is Blogster The Free Speech Capital Of The World? 1
What's your opinion on Ayn Rand? 3
Ontario Election Who Would You Vote For? 1
Best City In The Greater Toronto Area? 1
I Hate American Idol But 1
Doug Robert Ford Jr 1
Best Food On Passover 1
Marijuana 7
Only 10 Women Are Single And Straight In Canada 1
Putin 7
Who Wins The War? 2
Should Canada Become A Republic? 2
Euthanasia 6
Which Simpson Are You? 1
When push comes to shove... 7
If I Could Spend Christmas Day Alone With? 1
What Should Be The Name Of The New Africa Virus? 1

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