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Name Creator Response Rating
Canadian Election 2021 2
Euro 2020 Soccer Final Today 1
If I Had To Fall In Love With A Toronto Socialist Woman 1
Stanley Cup 2021 1
Israel VS The Palestinians 2
Nikki Haley 2024 4
June 2, 2022 1
Is The Chinese Fish Market Virus Going To Be Here For The Rest Of Your Life? 2
Happy Birthday Chinese Fish Market Virus, Brought To You By The Fear Mongering Paranoid Panic Attack Media 2
Which Brampton Babe Is The Most Beautiful? 1
Georgia 1
2021 Canadian Election May 25 The Day After Victoria Day, Maybe 1
Toronto Lockdown Day 1 2
What Caused The Chinese Fish Market Virus? 1
Best City In The World? 1
After Tonight 3
If It Has To Be Donald Or Biden, No One Else, Not Even Tulsi, 1
KD Or BC Or AB 1
If I Marry 1 Of These 10 Women 2
AMOD: Trump's Executive Order on Payroll Taxes 4
Which Country Would You Rather Live In? 1
Should The Supreme Court Order Everyone To Wear A Mask? 6
Top News Story In The Second Half Of 2020 5
If Toronto Is Getting A New Mayor In 2 Years 1
Well You Know Who I Want To Love 1

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