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Name Creator Response Rating
Nike Air Max 90 essential or Nike Air Max 1 0
Drug Abuse Poll (Los Angeles Drug Rehab) 1
One Direction over Eminem 0
Was It Murder? www.failvfail.com 0
Favorite Teenage Clothing Store Poll 1
Favorite Pet 2
Opinion Question 2
Fashion Favorites of the Season 1
favorite sport? 2
what would you choose? 3
Strongarm VS Rampage 1
IOS or Android 1
Do you wear sunglasses? 1
Favorite Undereye Concealer? 2
what to do about porn addictions 1
What interests you in life? 8
Men and Makeup 5
Shit is getting old 3
Freelancer survey 1
American Idol 4
Wondering about others' alopecians' perspective on wigs/scarves/hats/headcoverings 1
Just curious about how long alopecia has been a factor for you 0
Life 2

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