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Yellow Vests

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, January 10th 2019 at 12:44pm by pokeybanana

I never thought I'd say something nice about the French, but the yellow vest protesters are doing a great thing.  Sticking it to the country's government and the rich arseholes who own the government is something I very much condone.  I'd be right there with them if my knee wasn't acting up again.

I also think its lovely that they they chose the colour yellow for their vests in honour of me.  It really means a lot to me, chaps.

Of course the media, who are also owned by the wealthy elite, aren't really reporting on it.  It's almost as if they don't want the rest of us getting any ideas and trying to take down the corrupt millionaires on our own doorsteps.  

Remember folks, the rich are evil and want you to die.  Protest, show them we will not be trampled on and treated like the diseased rats they think we are!

User Comments

Good to see browns and whites uniting in a worthy cause. Vive egalite!

Image result for yellow shirt protests france

We can unite against the rich.

Though haven't the French done something like this before with their richies?

Image result for french revolution

Time for a new purge.

Typical Welsh attitude.

Typical English, think you can push everyone around.

Its pushing people around that made Britain great in the first place, matey!



Actually, those vests are "golden".


They are if someone pisses on them.

I got no probs with others being wealthy. Am dirt poor myself...

I steal from the rich just like Robin Hood.  Except I keep the money for myself.

Yes, I understand, I really do. Fuck the poor! You robinhooded the money therefore it's all yours.

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