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Song lyric generator

Added: Tuesday, January 14th 2020 at 1:24pm by pokeybanana

I found a website that generates random song lyrics based on some words you put in.  So I created a song about Oak.  This is what it came out like...




It began on a quick winter's afternoon:
I was the most angry criminal around,
He was the most smartarse layabout. 

He was my enemy, 
My smartarse enemy,
My layabout.

We used to laugh so well together,
Back then.
We wanted to sit together, around the world,
We wanted it all.

But one afternoon, one quick afternoon,
We decided to sit too much.
Together we kicked Hitler.
It was stupid, so stupid.

From that moment our relationship changed.
He grew so dreary.

And then it happened:

Oh no! Oh no!

He raped boris johnson.
Alas, Boris johnson!
My enemy raped  Boris Johnson.
It was fat, so fat.

The next day I thought my knob had broken,
I thought my bum had burst into flames,
(But I was actually overreacting a little.)

But still, he is in my thoughts.
I think about how it all changed that afternoon,
That quick winter's afternoon.

My bum... ouch!
When I think of that smartarse layabout,
That smartarse layabout and me.

User Comments

Um. Kicking Hitler is the opposite of stupid. Anyhow, thanks for the bizarre lyrics.

Weird lyrics, but no worse than the crap that's in the charts these days.

MC These lyrics are like when Stephen Patrick Morrissey hits full senility.

Not a great day.

Just yesterday a fictional middle age/oldish character on tv said music has no melody anymore. She's right, some music doesn't. I'd been struggling with how to articulate that.

A few days ago one of the roommates here, outdoors, was bluetoothing some rap to a speaker. All bluster, boasting of the Nigger This Nigger That sort. From a black "singer". I was born in 1970 so I'm gonna get 1992 with it: it's still all about smackin' the bitches and dissin' the hos.

No melody in it. Often with rap the "singer" goes Duh-Duh Duh-Duh Duh-DUH-DUH

true that 

I really think that the Oak Industries Morrisey/Smiths song co-ordinator was more the thing.

No one ever got away with "opossom" in their lyrics before that partic. innovation!

Gotta say Po!

You fucked this one up.

Like I did with so many youtube posts, but for a change, it is very much upon you. (There were no solemn and dignified emojies to endorse such a scenario)

Pokey, take those lyrics and sing them to the melody of the Elton John tune "Daniel". I did it, it was amusing.

It began. On a quick. Win ter's. Afternoon.

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