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Smart Bin

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, October 21st 2019 at 8:32am by pokeybanana

User Comments


"Alexa: deep fried Twinkies"

Alexa, explain "Pokey Banana"

"Pokey Banana. Aka Pokey the Angry Banana. Aka Dafydd Jones. Minor internet celebrity and cartoonist, former CEO of disgraced company Pokey Brand Ltd, ex-lead of pop band The Pokey Banana Experience, current manager of Team Pokey AFC, wanted for cruelty towards the homeless, cruelty towards elephants, unicorns and gigantic rabbits, human rights violations regarding Pokey Brand employees, convicted of multifarious minor criminal acts, violent assault, burgulary, bank robbery, throwing a tin of Tesco beans at the Prince of Wales, punching a duck and desecrating a mosque in Wrexham by excrementing on the front doorstep.

Also banned from entering China on pain of death.

Pokey Banana has also asked for a few thousand other misdemenours to be taken into consideration, as he is proud of them.

Think I'll post this on your PTAB page.

Alexa is just pissed off because I gave her AIDS after I fucked her up the arse.  And I poured water over her and she caught fire.

To be fair, most people who enter China get killed these days.

Well, Ok, some Virtual Assistants are a little bit naff after their electtics have been water-fried.

But if you are disatisfied with Alexa, you might want to try Arexa. A Chinese version?

Arexa ruvs you wrong time!

Arexa, she so like you nice rich Western guy!

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