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P-TV: Pokey Visits London

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, August 14th 2019 at 6:12am by pokeybanana




User Comments

For you music lovers, you might be interested to know I composed the music for this video myself as it's a bit of a pain to use Youtube's free music these days.

You composed that? Wow{#apploud.gif} That random stranger who stabbed you reminds me that I need to pay a thug to come into my house in the middle of the night to beat the shit out of my perpetually aggrieved roommate. Don't ask me how, but I just know that profound blood loss, bruises, contusions, broken bones and a jaw wired shut will teach said roommate to develop an optimisitic attitude. Does the man who knifed you for no reason at all need $500 you think? At this particular moment The Google says that's £415. It's all I can afford.

Londoners stab just for the sheer joy of it.  I'm sure one of them would help you out for free.

Don't worry Coxy. That £415 will be down to around £325 with Prime Minister Boris in charge of our economy for a few weeks longer.

Pokey has done a ton of vids on You Tube. Under the name PTAB. 

Though this has caused inadvertant conflicts with the (American) Parent Trial and Appeal Board.

Holy shit. I'm going looking.

Lots of Patent Trial and Appeal stuff. Lots of other shit. Nothing that is obviously a pokeyism. Is his YouTube handle PTAB? How do I find someone in YouTube anyhow?

Nevermind. YouTube gave me instructions.

Oh gawd. UNNEVERMIND. Finding someone by username is a to do that entails my creating a Google admin. account with a new email, which I'm not going to do even though I'm dyin' to see pokey vids. I'll just ask him directly in a pm for links, and then when he doesn't respond I'll beg you.

Posting links is a pain in the arse on mobile, which is what I'm on.  But I think simply typing "Pokey the angry banana" into YouTube's search engine brings up my channel.

Or maybe click on my picture at the top of the video, see if that helps.


This might work.

Aha! It did work! Starting with "5 Strange Facts". Very grateful to be disabused of my ignorance in believing that Denmark was a real country. I should have known, that stupid flag with a cross.

The reviews of "A Knock on the Door" were totally unfair. I will punish the reviewers by talking shit about their websites on Twitter. Trump will use his Twitter to dis them too!

I sent the reviewers a package with my shit in it.  That'll teach them for having stupid opinions.

Buildings are so tall in Olde Landan Tarn that there is little light, and the only real why that you can illuminate all around you Pokey, if that's your name, is to stab a poor person in the heart, and then, when their soul leaves its body, there will be a brief sparkle of light, as the body falls to the gutter and the soul reaches for the stars.

Coxy, those Patent Trial and Appeal Bastards have really fucked up what would have otherwise been a glorious You Tube career for Pokey.

But their interference has confused thousands of his fans, apart from nine of them (on a good day). And so he never gets the reco that he so patently deserves. 

"5 Strange Facts" Pokey at his best. When he thought that effort might actually get him somewhere in this shitty world

I swear YouTube are deliberately making me hard to find .  They don't like swearing or violence and apparently my channel falls foul of that even though I'd challenge anyone to find violence or swearing in my work.

I should do a sequel to strange fact.  "Strange Facts 2" perhaps.

Ok I'll bite. What patent(s) did he allegedly infringe?

I luv this post. I'm going to pander to you and to Greater Blogsterania by promoting it on my site. No charge.

Free advertising is the best kind.

Advertisers paying you IS actually better, chappy.

Very nice


Because they don't have guns, that's why.

And if we didn't have knives they'd beat people over the head with spoons.

And call that "ethnic musicianship!"


Though I only actually check out Pokey vids for the music, which is super ace.

Observation comedy is the only comedy that exists these days. It seems. 

And London is a hot bed of knife crime and non-white/yellowness. 

Though, as in the US, most people who shoot someone shoot their own color. And in the UK, most people who stab someone stab their own colour. 

So Pokey was a tad unlucky in this instance.

(Even so, if you hang around flaunting yourself as someone with camera money, what can you expect?)


Yes, I think most people prefer the music and just have to put up with this awful yellow man saying "fuck" a lot.

Yep, they do tend to stab their own kind, which is nice of them.

I actually stole that camera off a Japanese tourist. Didn't stab him though.  Just kicked him until he stopped moving.   

I think you got a record audience for this vid on Yout. (Your record, not Yout's). Scarly thinks you are really talented, as do I. And that mysterious PS dude who we don't know who likes your vids, and is probaly a stalker or you. (What a fucked up world we live in eh? The sooner we find that third member of our team, the millionaire person, the sooner we can buy Caernarfon Castle and start stocking it up with jam, vodka and other essentials for when IT all comes down).

Image result for japanese man loses camera

We no likey Mistar Poki Bananang. He steal nice camera off our daddy. We tell Rei about this nasty man. She make him big meal, he very sick after.

We dance a lot then.

21 views this vid currently had, which isn't too bad for me these days.  I take pride in every view.  A tiny amount of pride that you'd need a microscope to see, but still.

Those Jap girls can murder me any time they like.  Sex murder.

Pokey, they look like retards. Wouldn't you rather

Image result for beautiful japanese woman*Image result for beautiful japanese woman*

No hellokittyish barrettes, no child molestor lollipops.


When was the last times a million bucks could buy anything? You need to maintain the same fantasy I have, finding an eccentric billionairesse easily amused by antics. Unlike me you won't have to pretend you enjoy fucking her.

Not a lot of billionairesses around.  Fewer still that would give me her money.

They awanna suka your lollipop! 

Ruichi Sakamoto and Pokey awayyyyy!

Image result for anime banana

They look like robots.

Though that is a pretty standardised Shanghai look in fairness, Coxman.

Yeah, Coxy, we don't even have billionaires over here, due to the disparity between American Math and World Maths.

Plus America drives on the wrong side of the road.

And legs walk. Not sides.

Not your fault, I know.

I think this might be the first time I've been the least racist person in a blog.  Feels weird.

Is it seriously called "legs walk" over there? I will kill myself.

I'm less faggoty than a (presumably) straight man I know. He whines and whines about ANY measure of spiciness in his food. Yesterday I was sorely tempted to tell him "Richard, take it from a homo, this one, the one talking to you, having zero tolerance for spiciness is very, VERY faggoty. I am truly disgusted by you."

Not exposing your hate by keeping silent is an automatic qualification for being Nelson Mandela, matey!

A gay man who likes a bit of spice in his diet? Maybe Mexico should be your next destination. It might make you Gladasajara!

Its called a pavement. Because they went pavemental with it.

They'll be jailing us for thought crime soon.  Hang on, they're already doing that.

Only Tommy Robinson, who was jailed for thinking that he could break the law for the umpteenth time.

Coxy, its pretty darned embarrassing for a fag when a non-fag friend of his turns out to be wayyyyyy more of a fag than him. 

I'm guessing.

Wow! Great pun

Oaknik, his personality is a bit bizarre. I do mean a bit, only. One thing is that he is never in the least aware that any pie-in-the-sky idea he's presented will never bear fruit. I think he truly does not understand why a) he doesn't have a girlfriend b) why nonexistent girlfriend isn't a hot chick. I don't have the heart to tell him that even dumb blondes usually have eyes.

The vaunted Nelson Mandela. I need to ask The Google for "things that nelson mandela did wrong" so I can write proper hateful posts about him. I was gonna talk shit about Winnie in fact except I can't remember which law(s) she broke.

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