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P-TV: Pokey Visits London

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, August 14th 2019 at 6:12am by pokeybanana




User Comments

For you music lovers, you might be interested to know I composed the music for this video myself as it's a bit of a pain to use Youtube's free music these days.

You composed that? Wow{#apploud.gif} That random stranger who stabbed you reminds me that I need to pay a thug to come into my house in the middle of the night to beat the shit out of my perpetually aggrieved roommate. Don't ask me how, but I just know that profound blood loss, bruises, contusions, broken bones and a jaw wired shut will teach said roommate to develop an optimisitic attitude. Does the man who knifed you for no reason at all need $500 you think? At this particular moment The Google says that's £415. It's all I can afford.

Londoners stab just for the sheer joy of it.  I'm sure one of them would help you out for free.

Don't worry Coxy. That £415 will be down to around £325 with Prime Minister Boris in charge of our economy for a few weeks longer.

Pokey has done a ton of vids on You Tube. Under the name PTAB. 

Though this has caused inadvertant conflicts with the (American) Parent Trial and Appeal Board.

Holy shit. I'm going looking.

Lots of Patent Trial and Appeal stuff. Lots of other shit. Nothing that is obviously a pokeyism. Is his YouTube handle PTAB? How do I find someone in YouTube anyhow?

Nevermind. YouTube gave me instructions.

Oh gawd. UNNEVERMIND. Finding someone by username is a to do that entails my creating a Google admin. account with a new email, which I'm not going to do even though I'm dyin' to see pokey vids. I'll just ask him directly in a pm for links, and then when he doesn't respond I'll beg you.

I luv this post. I'm going to pander to you and to Greater Blogsterania by promoting it on my site. No charge.

Free advertising is the best kind.

Very nice


Because they don't have guns, that's why.

And if we didn't have knives they'd beat people over the head with spoons.

And call that "ethnic musicianship!"


Though I only actually check out Pokey vids for the music, which is super ace.

Observation comedy is the only comedy that exists these days. It seems. 

And London is a hot bed of knife crime and non-white/yellowness. 

Though, as in the US, most people who shoot someone shoot their own color. And in the UK, most people who stab someone stab their own colour. 

So Pokey was a tad unlucky in this instance.

(Even so, if you hang around flaunting yourself as someone with camera money, what can you expect?)


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