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P-TV: Cool Pokey

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, November 9th 2019 at 5:42am by pokeybanana

User Comments



Some times less says more.


Though not on this occassion.

The Pokey show is so desperate for viewers we're gonna have to start doing nudity scenes.  You don't mind getting your knob out on camera, right Oak?

I'm a tree, not a door.

I'll make you into a door if you don't watch it.

And I'll give you a tiny knob.

That's knot gonna happen!

That is a brilliant loungey rock n roll jam. You really should contract with the maker of Southern Comfort. I'm not kidding, I think Sazerac would pay you $30000 for licensing rights. Commercial set in New Orleans with bearded hipsters drinking S.C. on the rocks which of course attracts hot chicks wearin' stilleto heels, micro-minis & halter tops (1 white 1 black 1 Asian 1 latina)

Pokely, a 23 year old native american here has lately affected a hooligan walk. A walk that says "S'up?! I got yer bag of weed right here homey" I fear for him cuz he's real pretty & he's got a V physique but ultimately he's gonna attract re'tard 20 year old pretty but fat latina chicks who already have 3 babies by 3 fathers.

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