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Nearly killed a black guy today.

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, May 19th 2020 at 4:16pm by pokeybanana

The dozy sod crossed the road right on a closed junction I was driving into.  He's lucky it wasn't night time and I could see him.

He gestured to me in a manner that could have been gratitude for not killing him or mocking me as if to day "huh, I can cross the road wherever I God damn like, bitch".

We only have one black guy in the whole county and he's still managing to cause trouble.

User Comments

Trouble causing black guys: they all have roots in Ghana exclusively. Legacy of imperialism. I deduced that by means of empire-ical studies.

That's a bit of an over clever answer for Pokey's page.

This is more like it ......

Huh. He's not capable of understanding cause-then-effect, then?

Oh no, Pokey understands most things, it seems. But I think he likes his page to be as low brow as is possible. At least that's what his blogs suggest.


This page is at least medium brow!

Medium by the much lower head height of bananas

On the contrary, there is at least as much highbrowity in Poke's posts as there is in yours. His posts tend to contain more provocations however.

Oak thinks he's high brow but he's actually just monobrow.

Gooooooo Pokey!!!!!

Gonna try and kill a Mexican next.

I bet the poleece will turn up and tapas on your door.

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Damn I look good in a hat.

'Sprised you didn't cause a riot in North Wales. Yet another person of ethnicity nearly killed by a Yellow Supremicist. 


Not much worth looting in North Wales.  I know because I've already tried.


No English tourists to mug these days either, eh?

It's great not to have fat, stupid English types roaming around our beaches being all obnoxious.

Rhyl for the Welsh!

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