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In 20 years London will be an independent country

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, June 16th 2019 at 7:50am by pokeybanana

For all the talk of Scotland going independent or the UK possibly breaking up, one potential option is never discussed, London becoming independent.

The more I think about it the more probable it seems.

London is very, very different to the rest of the UK.  Pretty much all the politics is done there, it's where almost all the money is, and it's hugely culturally different, having an enormous amount of races, nationalities, languages and such there whereas the rest of the UK is almost entirely white (except shitty Birmingham).

And I say good riddance.  Goodbye London.  Keep your multiculturalism, your forced diversity that no one asked for, keep your crime, your daily stabbings your money hoarding elites, your city boys gambling our futures away, your congestion, your foul dirty air, your corrupt politicians and your pointless royal family.  

Fuck off Lomdon, you won't be missed.

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London 2040 due to a two degree rise in global temps. The Thames, or The Tems as we call it, is set to become a lake.

"We got our city back!" "Glug, glug!"

At least there will be fewer stabbings when London is underwater.  Although harpoonings will rise sharply.

Hahaha! Yes, watch out for those 'poons Boris!

Flood Glorious Flood, to quote somebody.

Image result for sea levels 2040 london

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