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Had my flu jab today

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, October 17th 2020 at 3:51pm by pokeybanana

I'm entitled to a flu jab due to the fact I am so awesome that the flu is especially attracted to me.  

There was no other twat at the temporary flu cabin they've erected in town.  Just me and a woman with a needle.  Sounds like the premise of a porn film.  A shit one, mind.

I don't feel well now, the nurse said it's normal to feel flu like symptoms after the jab.  I mean, what's the fucking point if the jab gives you flu anyway?  What a waste of fucking time.

Also, is it normal to have the flu jab in the bum?  The nurse said that's how they do it now but I found it odd how she was grinning the whole time she shoved it up my arse.  I wasn't exactly keen on her filming it either, but she said it was necessary for "training purposes". 

The things I do for medical science.

User Comments

I recommend staying away from bum stuff it's messy and painful. 

As Trump will find out when he goes to Riker's Island Prison in the Bronx next year.

A teaser: TISA, Trump and the security industry | Global Justice Now


Won't happen. You keep wishing it for it if you must. Will. not. happen.

He'd flee the fucking country would he not. Duh.


He'd get help doing it to. Duh.

He's popular in Wales. Maybe he'll flee there. I do hope so.

It just came to me. New York will not prosecute him. Won't. And I won't care. He mastered using bankruptcy law to his advantage many years ago. If Melania doesn't divorce him he's got her ire to contend with for the rest of his days. And she's a model, she's got savage, prissy gay male friends, surely, he'll have those hounding him at every opportunity. Justice, that fucking statue, the blind one or wotever, she'll prevail overall, count on it.

Why are you getting a flu jab, Pokey, is it? I'm too young to get the jab. You getting one is like dressing a feotus in school clothing. 

Yeah, they could call the porn film THE PRICK AND THE PAUPER. (You could play either role, er, you being so versatile and such).

All jabs are Mind Control these days. As is all food, all clothing and all furniture. In fact wardrobes have been controlling our behaviour since the Fourteenth Century. According to some Americans. 

As the old saying goes, "Better a jab in the bum than up the dick"


I get a flu jab because I am currently a carer, we're special types who get special dispensations.  

The government won't allow you to get the jab as they want you out of the way.  You're a dangerous threat to the Tories and Boris Johnson has taken a hit out on you.

Why do any females ever bother to do that. Isn't it more sensible to slap the teeth out of random passersby.

Teeth aren't that easy to slap out of.

For me that's a mere hypothesis. I'm reluctant to prove it. Because I'm afraid I could. And then what? Prison food and the stupidest fucking people who live and ever have lived? Somebody else ought prove it. And film himself doing such. Talk Oak into it, he's fond of you. He never falls for my tricks.

I dont know if you meant this post to be funny but it did give me a bit of a giggle....

I aim to please.  Shame I have terrible aim.

Maria. Care to have overly forceful and unsolicited advice imposed upon you?

You don't? Ok.

You may want to subscribe the pokeybanana then. He's a wonderful combination of All that Is Beautiful and all that is Horrible. All in one. Fun chap, I promise.

yes I've been a fan of pokey for quite some time so I do read his posts quite often....{#basic-laugh.gif}

not at all.....{#basic-laugh.gif}

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