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Channel 4 is shit!

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, March 8th 2019 at 4:16pm by pokeybanana


Just checked the TV guide for the next week on Channel 4.  Utter, utter tripe!  Hey Oak, remember when Channel 4 used to actually make proper TV back in the 80s and 90s?  

These days it's just reality garbage that's cheap to make.

Naked Attraction - A show where six naked people literally stand there with their bollocks out and get judged on their pubes.  This show literally exists.  Someone commissioned this.

First Dates - A dating show.  Really cheap to make, no effort required.  Just film people stuffing food into their gobs whilst they talk about their favourite time of day to have a shit.

Gogglebox - Literally a show about watching people watch television, you know, the kind of television Channel 4 used to make before they decided spending more than 50p on production was too much effort.


Fuck you Channel 4, you used to be something once.  Now you're nothing.

User Comments

Funny thing, all American cable tv except for channel FX (their jingle is "FX has the movies") which has the 20th Century Fox (and 21st Century Fox) libraries is tripe, just like your channel 4. I feel your pain!

Yes, whilst our channels are different the problem is the same.  They feed us shite in order to save money, money they feed into their fat bonuses no doubt!

Meanwhile the shitty TV they make lowers our IQ another 10 points.

I'm wondering about your channel 4 (and 3 and 2 and 1 which I think do exist [?]): see, pokester, in the States every 30 minutes of whatever's on the telly; whatever channel, one is compelled to watch 22 minutes of the show and 8 minutes of commercials. Is it the same on your channel 4? {#confused.gif}

I believe on American telly you have many frequent 30second advert breaks.  While here we have four breaks per hour but they last about 5 minutes.  When they come on I usually just walk outside and build shed or something.

In 1996, President Clinton signed a law. Before he had signed it, prescription pharmaceuticals were forbidden from being advertised on tv. But because he signed it...over time the number of adverts for Rx's ["Ask you doctor about Rexalti for your bipolar mania! Side effects include coma and death..."] has increased dramatically. The adverts for prescription pills for diabetes are the worst; the CHEEZIEST!

Great post, by the way :)

Yeah, maaan! I remember all those wonderful gay, rock, Iraqi shows that C4 did before they made a chimpanzee Geordie the voice of the channel and laid the foundations for the entire death of the English language. 

Of course, the original C4 guys were made of integrity and quality, until they were bought out for many billions by a bunch of userer cunts who made Rupert Murdoch look like Rupert the Bear. (Someone had to say that and I beat the rest of humanity to it. Hoho!).

I remember the pink triangle of channel 4. If a film or docu was marked with one of those it was like "homophobes beware!". OK, by today@s standards, it wasn't that extremely liberated tele, but we did have men kissing men on a mainstream tv channel, FINALLY!

As a sneaky hetro I know that, the more barriers get broken down by gays or women, the more generally sexy tv will become, so God bless those initial Channel 4 sell outs. They added 48% more boobs and 17.3% more pussage, to my tele experience.

So yes, Pokey! I hope I reinforced your point. (Probably actually went a bit overboard as well to be honest).

Gotta say, I only agree with you on about 1.6% of things. But I agree 101.6% in this instance. 

Gogglebox is people watching people watching people. Its pathetic. And, the woman who was pro-Brexit at my volunteer work place loves it to pieces. The tit.

I also remember when C4 did a "documentary" in a night club toilet. That's really giving the piss!

Naked Attraction? In its 4th fucking series, isn't it? C4 don't even have to pay costumes fees. Talk about bare bones. Bare boobs, bare boners.

I actually genuinely find overt nudity unattractive. The potential of nudity is seductive and excitey. But if you start with nothing on where you gonna go after that? Only wife-beating animals are exclusively about this hole or that hole. Relationships, even one night stands, should have some parle, some humour. 

If she can't take a joke, she's not worth a poke. Poke.

Naked Attraction has to be the most boring show on tv. Other than Countdown.(Another Channel 4 debacle).

Haven't come across First Dates yet. But, the fact that its on C4 and sounds like a really crap concept, suggests to me that the are bound to be tons of Geordies on it. And that can never be good for mankind.

Hey, I appreciate you seeking my opinion mate. (As the only visitor of your page these days. I love you bro!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Yeah, Channel 4 were the first to do all the gay stuff.  First lesbian kiss, first live bumming etc.

Yes, I remember that toilet documentary.  It was basically just a hidden camera show that thought it was an insightful documentary on British nightlife.  I was expecting them to show a man hunched over the toilet, pooing.

Most of the people on Naked Attraction are oddly proportioned.  And it's terrible when the contestants are a straight woman and a gay man because that means all 12 of the naked people will have dicks.  So many testicles!  It's sickening degenerate TV.  Lots of fatties too.

They call me Poke because I like poking women......with a cattle prod and dragging them back to my dungeon.

I got a four word letter on Countdown once, my personal best!  The word was 'poos'.

Can't believe you haven't seen First Dates.  It's on Channel 4, More 4 and E4 about six times a day.  It makes up about 40% of their entire programming hours.

Yes, I specifically mentioned you in this blog.  You are my only surving regular, after all.  Of course I'd look like a right fool if I mentioned you specifically in my blog only for you to not read it.  Everyone would laugh at me......or at least they would if anyone else actually turned up.

*leaves succinct comment*

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