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Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at 9:47am by pokeybanana

How do you deal with autograph requests from fans?

Ever since my P-TV series took off I've become a household name.  Whilst the money and bitches are a welcome addition to my life, the constant demands for autographs from my dickhead fans have become unbearable.  

My TV show gets viewing figures that are almost into double figures, so my fans are everywhere.

I've just started to sign every autograph "fuck off, bitch" in the hope it will put people off.

User Comments

Image result for jabba the hutt leia

Wow, great post. You put the Po in Post. 

Er, I'm OK without getting an autograph though.

To Oak,

Thanks for being a fan of my work.

Your hero, Pokey.

Off to E-bay to make 25p!

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