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Blue Color Orchid

Added: Wednesday, June 20th 2012 at 9:05pm by pepsigo
Category: Photos > Botanical > Flowers
Related Tags: flowers


As beautiful as butterfly!


User Comments

We have orchids of every color around the property here--Mother Nature knows what she is doing!

I thnik Mother Nature is the gretest artist of all!!!

What a beautiful color....orchids are amazing flowers and come in so many different hues!  Thank you for sharing!

Ya, human being can never be bored by the things Mother Nature given to us.

very very true!

What a fabulous colour.  Isn't it wonderful at this time of year when the flowers start to come out and we see the colours again after the dull winter.

I am in a tropical region where there are different types of flower trought out the year. Will try to get more pictures!

Thanks.  In the UK winter is so - samey! Then we get to spring and now early summer where all the flowers are starting to come out.  It makes such a difference.

Oh so beautiful. Love orchids, but I don't have much luck with them. Perhaps it's to dry in AZ???Thank you for sharing.

I can't grow them (or violets) either. Too dry.

Ha, I not good at plant neither. What I usually do is to visit friends with garden and "steal" what they have in my little camera. {#basic-blush.gif}


Very nice. I like blue ones better than orange :-)

Orange is the color of sunset and blue is the ocean. Both are nice. The blue pattle of the blue one is more interesting where as, the orange one last longer. 

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