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Added: Saturday, September 25th 2021 at 5:56am by OpinionNateTed






Hence the PUSH to "act quickly" before the resistance builds. We've been demonized to the point where even our fellow citizens are calling for our imprisonment and death. 



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{#cool2.gif} Your stupidity is not my directive. 

These are all things we were warned about from the very beginning when this vaccine campaign began. 

Necks need to be stretched!!!

{#thumbs_up.gif} good find

It will go nowhere, but we know.

This is beyond scary.  If anyone had  thoughts deciding if they should be vaxxed or not, THIS should stop them in their tracks!  This needs to be taken seriously.  

Like they said, people will start coming down with ilnesses, but they won't make the connection... they're stuck on the lying networks like CNN and the alphabet news. They'll stay away from this since it's been labeled "missinformation" by the very ones lying to them. 

The ones in denial will be the first ones having ill effects.....and still be in denial.

...making then very USEFUL IDIOTS. 

{#thanks.gif} yes I watched the whole vid. 1 comment before watching 1 comment after

BRAVO!!! {#apploud.gif} I hope you're doing well... always in my prayers. {#basic-cool.gif}

  each day sees me doing better but I think my sarcasm is gone. family is trying to help it return they liked me with it.

Me, being a HUGE fan of sarcasm... pray for it's return in you. {#popc1.gif}{#smiley-laughing.gif}

 thank you, with out it I am just a timid little mousie 

Nah, you can't fool me. {#basic-cool.gif} You're a true Ninja fighter. {#drinking33.gif}

Kats, sarcasm is what'll see you through.  Its the #1 cure all for most everything. {#basic-laugh.gif}

WOW... I liked learning about this jab. I also, watched another video behind it. Interesting.

And, instead of answering ANY of these questions, the JAB FORCE simply "dog whistle" labels it all "conspiracy theories", lies and false information. 

They cant handle the truth or explain it. If it isnt programmed for them, they are off script and then comes the duh moment.

You got that right... they can't explain what they support beyond the catchy slogans they're spoon fed. 


And The Biden Regime is pushing the jab harder than ever...




They can't abandon the agenda now. 

So why are they allowing all this stuff into the vax? And what really does it do to our system. 

I wonder what is the reason? Bro. Doc

You probably need to follow more closely. Depopulation.

I think this is right along with chipping us to know what we are doing.

I heard that. But I think there is really more too it, at least in the United States.

I think they want to turn the United States into part of the One World system, and by forcing people to take the vax etc. they will soon have us following a leader who is in charge of the one world system.

This is what I think. Bro. Doc

It's Satanic, Doc.  Depopulation is part of it.

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