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Added: Tuesday, December 4th 2018 at 7:39am by OpinionNateTed
Joe Biden says he's the 'most qualified person in the country to be president'

Joe "the GROPER" Biden thinks he is...

Image result for GROPER Joe Biden images Image result for GROPER Joe Biden images
Image result for GROPER Joe Biden images Image result for GROPER Joe Biden images

ONLY the democrat party would consider him "qualified" 

annoyed hillary clinton GIF by Mashable  bernie sanders GIF 

Image result for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez memes

...after all, perverts, pedophiles, and dumbasses are always qualified in the eyes of the democrats.

Image result for Joe Biden groping memes

Image result for Joe Biden groping memes

Image result for Joe Biden touching children photos

Image result for Joe Biden touching children photos

Image result for Joe Biden groping memes

Image result for Joe Biden touching children photos

Image result for obama and harvey weinstein photos

Image result for obama and harvey weinstein photos

Image result for Joe Biden groping memes

Image result for Joe Biden groping memes

Image result for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez memes

User Comments

Who are the "deplorables" and the "despicables"? 

Who are the "deplorables" and the "despicables"?

They are the ones who started using the term as a personality projection of themselves.  A tried and true trick of denial used by bullies: Accuse those you want to control by denigrating them with your own worst traits.

Is the Clinton stadium tour going to be cancelled? December 5, 2018 How much money is the publicly-owned, NewYork Stock Exchange-listed concert promoter willing to lose? More


And she plans to run in 2020? {#rofl.gif}{#popc1.gif}{#popc1.gif}{#popc1.gif}{#popc1.gif}{#popc1.gif}{#rofl.gif}

Hmmm Hillary running and Joe running then there is Bernie......which one will they choose.

You can bet the democrat party will offer up the WORST POSSIBLE CHOICE FOR AMERICA... or better put, the NAIL IN THE COFFIN for America.

I wonder... would the Dem #MeToo-ers bury "Handsey (not 'Handsome') Joe Biden"?

My bet is... they'll turn a blind eye.

My choice for the worst would be:Chelsea Clinton, Oprah and Michael Obama.

OH boy... we may well see 100 dumbocrats vying for the spot. You've mentioned some of those possibilities. 

I pray for the dem/commie politicians to be seen by all for the embarrassment they really are.  Join me?

(obviously they need to be 'saved')

 ...spinning your wheels {#basic-undecided.gif}

Well, I say that about prayin', only cuz God got me out of my evil/titanium/impenetrable fortress... sooo...

We can pray and fight at the same time... multi-tasking

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee{#chick08.gif} {#what-the-oh-my.gif} Just kidding. wink wink

seriously'''no demos...I think Vice President Pence would make a good president. He shows class and is soft spoken.  Pompeo may well be qualified. He would be tough.

Mike Pence just looks Presidential, doesn't he? The media would have a fit because of his strong Christian faith.

Non of the above, that's for sure.  Hummmm, if Mike Pence were to run, he'd have my vote.

What a refreshing choice he would be.

Only after Trump's 2nd term, right?

 ...of course


Looks to me like we have the President we need in office already.

The democrats will have to do some major CHEATING to get their guy in the White House... that's for damn sure. They've got vote rigging and voter fraud perfected.

They sure do.

Even those who deny this have nothing but denial in their brainwashed minds. It has been proved and exposed over and over now. Another reason they keep going after Trump. Okay for a governor but ONLY a seasoned politician should be President? Reagan comes to mind. 

Reagan... an all-time favorite of mine. 

I enjoyed watching his old acting and his Presidency. Of course he was shot, just not taken out. Amazing how the ones who try to do good many times have attempts on their life.

...just goes to show how powerful the deep state really is.

You have to admit: They're Excellent at cheatng.

...ferfecto mundo

No one is totally qualified to be President. It is a learn as you go qualification. Creepy Joe Biden will lose. He has a seeded and failed past as a Vice President. Trump will make sure it all is re-visited. LOL

Mark Ruffalo who recently teased a run for President in 2020 will be the Dems choice.


I doubt Joe Biden could even make it as far as the primaries. As soon as he announces he's running he'll be destroyed. Just imagine the kids that are now grown who will come forward.

Mark Ruffalo? Never heard of him... that's probably a plus. The more we know about a democrat, the worse they look.

Couldn't agree more...


Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text

Having the qualifications doesn't mean he'd be a good President.  0bama didn't have the qualifications and yeah, not too good, but even more were screaming about Trump being unqualified and he's done a great job, better than many who were "qualified."  Who defines "qualifications" anyway, besides Biden? lol 

Trump is going to have some explaining to do... as faras being quealified and doing a good job, Trump has fallen short on all accounts.

The Russian Connections

He's fallen  short compared to...please don't say 0bama, hahahaha.  I  like making money and  watching  other people do the  same,  along with the jobs he's opened up, not to mentionhow stock market also likes  him.  Most people want to to better themselves, not made to feel ashamed for being successful...or for  all the other  reasons his predecessor despised more than half the  country.  I especially like people  talking honestly now, not scared to death to open their mouths, which I saw a lot of in  preceding years.  So...we disagree.   To each his own.

Nate, I don't know why I can't see the graphic. It's  a little box that says inline image next to it. It's not the first I've  seen  it but I don't know how to correct it either.  

Trump is more than qualified  in  business  and this country desperately needed  some motivators to get it up and running again,  out of that abyss of despair so many want (for other people).  

 I'll filter it through a blogster upload and that should correct it. Then I'll delete and repost it below. I'll be right back...

Can you see it now?

 Skip, you'll never get an unbiased view of Trump if you continue using the same old sources you've been using. For 2 years the left has been saying the same old stale crap, and it's all lies. Suit yourself if it makes you happy. We've explained things many times, but everyone on the left refuses to listen. So be it.

Oh, its her...LMAO!!!!  



What stock market are you watching, the russian one? the stock market has went down 3 times since Trump took office, the most of any other president? Do you think all those workers of GM likes making money? they won't be, they are being laid off... Trump has gave tax cuts... to rich people like himself... no other clas has gotten the perks... you have to stop watching fox news.

Skip, it doesn't really matter it the stock market has gone down 100 times, all that matters is how much it has gone up. The Dow closed at 19,827.25 on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017. Today it is at 24388.95

Keep watching the trade war and you'll see who wins in the end. China needs us much more than we need them. They've been burning us and this needs to be done. GM has been on shaky ground since before the taxpayers bailed them out, it's no surprise.

You really don't know what I watch or where I get my information, just pay attention.

*...if the stock market...

 China needs us much more than we need them. tell that to those farmers who depended on selling their product to china...

...again. you don't understand trade wars. All that matters is who wins in the end. Stick with your source and check back with me later. 

many years ago, a Newfoundland premier (Joey Smallwood) decided that these proserous people living in small villages, and on outlet islands, would be better off on Welfare, than making the living they were. So he put all these people into susbsidized housing in cities, and towns... If he truly wanted to do something for them, he would have made government regulations much better than they were. 

Trump has decided he will make the regulations to what he wants... (Not to mention hids daughter has gotten around 11 trademarks from China, which aren't affected by his tariffs)This dictator, because that is what he wants to be, is taking your country and running it down the crapper. His only intrests are what he can make and recieve for himself, he isn't worried about the common man... much like the premier of Newfoundland all those years ago... 

Sorry Skip, that's all simple fearmongering. For the past 2 years, all we've heard is a steady stream of accusations... baseless accusations. None of it is based on any facts. 

The one thing that is FACT, is farmers are losing their livlihoods because of the tariffs...

Skip, I'm  not hardly watching Russia. That's the Left's obsession. The market had a slide this week but that  same stock market always goes back up. Why?  Overall optimism. Trump drives it, while the Stock market went into hibernation with 0bama and all of  his  doom and gloom, taxes,  govt interference,  etc.  If you've got skin in the game and can't stand market fluctuations, get your money out of there.

GM got screwed by 0bama when he "bailed them out" along with Chrysler, when he decided he'd be the "good guy" and intervene in a private business.  Actually, it was  a move to save the United Auto Workers Union and it didn't work out well for him.  Many GM workers blame  GM executives for the layoffs,saying that no  matter the tariffs,  G.M. will continue to build  the  our cars outside of the US because it’s cheaper.

You really should stop getting all your stereotypical misinformation from the Blogster Dead Pecker bench. 

 "The one thing that is FACT, is farmers are losing their livlihoods because of the tariffs."

Sorry, I forgot to mention the $12BILLION aid package Trump is providing the farmers. So NO, the farmers are NOT losing their livelihoods. 

 Skip, you are blinded by hate. Ya gotta get a handle on that. Seriously.

I think that biden should run as president and obama should run as vice president... they make a good combination! {#basic-cool.gif}

That would be a great idea.

JJ is sooo helpful sometimes!  {#basic-halo.gif} {#apploud.gif}


It just occurs to me...

The USA electorate, thanks to the Dems spoiled brat and hate activities, is turning a LOT of peeps to 'the right'.

...the #walkaway movement is "YUGE" ...hence, the democrats are desperately recruiting the ILLEGALS and the graveyards.

Jerry and Kate Brown to Californicate the nation

Ya know, that entire party is in shambles, they have nobody worth the powder to blow themselves up.

When they look up in 2020 - and not change in President.


Related image

That'll really be crazy, huh?

I'd sure laugh at the Democrats when Trump takes it again.

The crooks never stop though and no matter what - it will be a big deal either way. I smell recounts. {#rofl.gif}

Trump has 2 years to straighten out the voting issue. I hope there are thousands of voter fraud convictions by then.

There should be enough to let officials know something has to be done to slow it to a crawl. Not sure if it can be stopped altogether.

It can't be stopped the way it's set up now with same-day registration, absentee/mail-in ballots.

Well now - another day. 

That is correct. Between the grave voters and free food / bus rides. Now with exposure of George S. funding so much - they may be offering vacations!

 Ya know... they will offer everything FREE (which cannot be paid for in the long run) and ALL of that can easily be taken away if and when the left ever achieves total control and power. Also, if the Useful Idiots think "well, we'll simple riot until we get what we want" they better think again. IF the leftists (COMMUNISTS) ever gained full control of our government, they no longer have any worries about "public opinion" and they'd do what every other COMMUNIST revolution has done in the past, they'd crush and slaughter anyone who riots or opposes them. 

You said a lot here.

I want to add that it is exactly like many groups of people who claim to be whatever - that infringe on the rights of the average American hard working citizen. Whether educated or not.
The deal is this. Seen it with blacks, gays, and just useful idiots who think the can get more. CRY and cry till you get what you want - if enough crying don't work, you resort to riots, violence, and destruction. Meanwhile claiming they are the victim.

Everyone's a "victim" of something... it's only the snowflakes who want the world to shut down over it. 

Milking the system set up for those who actually need it is not my kind of rational thinking. Why expect rational from useful idiots!

Today's democrats are a far cry from Kennedy's "Ask not what your country can do for you..." democrats, but he was well aware of them and he did see it coming.

I think most of them were sending obummer their Christmas list (not calling it that) and he was filling it !

Promising Utopia.

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