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What's The Deal With Nancy Pelosi's Mouth?

Added: Tuesday, February 12th 2019 at 9:20am by OpinionNateTed

No, really? What's going on in Pelosi's mouth?


nancy pelosi state of the union 2018 GIF


  • tooth polishing
  • digging for nuggets
  • denture adjustment
  • tongue spasms
  • tooth sucking
  • drilling for water
  • rabies
  • spanking her teeth
  • untangling forked tongue



User Comments

All of the above.

I was trying to come up with more options.

...a mouth with a mind of its own.

The truth?  Poor fitting dentures.  They're too loose.  That's what happens when the Dentist gets in a big hurry, and err's on the side of fitting.

one more to add is dry mouth

ooo, that inspired one.

How's that one?

 LOL good one

She's smarmy is what's going on. Still, I can't help but luv her.


Did I emphasize how arrogant she is {#basic-foot-in-mouth.gif}

No, but you're on the right track.

I wouldn't wish it upon anyone, but...

My daughter thought she has Parkinsons...she bobbles her head a lot Remember Catherine Hepburn? she had Parkinsons and she bobbled her head a lot.

It's her forked tongue, Nate.

hey ya know, you may have something there... I've never actually seen her tongue. Do you mind if I add that to the list?

Sure, add it to the list. Being she's from SF, could be a stud in her tongue too, but she was probably born with the fork...

I think she has false teeth...and a dry mouth. 

You know...she could have had her lip done...and she is getting used to her bigger lips. She seems to move her lips around with her tongue. 

...it's like her lips and mouth have a mind of their own.

Could be she's punishing the right side of her mouth for not complying with her left side


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