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What does ILLEGAL immigration cost YOU?

Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 8:18am by OpinionNateTed


Via Billy

(I hope these links work)

Click on your state to see what ILLEGALS are costing you.

User Comments

And what do WE get out of ILLEGAL immigration?

Diversity? NO, division.

Production citizens? BURDEN

Proud Americans? NO, proud foreigners.

Melting pot? NO

Name the benefits...

More democrat voters... NOT a benefit.

More taco stands... debatable 

A welfare worker told me that there is a special ssn for the illegals so they can get welfare help in the state. What can I do with this knowledge, share it and hope others believe me. The worker of course would deny ever telling me that. 

GS tells me that his school is more interested in teaching the illegal than the legal.It is his opinion

I GUARANTEE there are loopholes... and if ANYONE knows loopholes, it's an ILLEGAL. 

Can an illegal immigrant apply for a social security number?
A: Immigration law forbids working in this country without legal authorization and aSocial Security Number (SSN). Yet millions of “undocumented” immigrant workers are earning income. Illegals often get jobs by using illegally obtained, forged, or invalid Social Security numbers. Apr 25, 2012

Eligibility for a Social Security Number. Temporary workers and those in non-immigrant visa status who are authorized to work in the United States by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can get a Social Security number (SSN). ... Only non-citizens authorized to work in the US are eligible for a Social Security number ...Oct 27, 2018

And now for the TRUTH and acknowledgment of fraud and abuse:


The USA is acting like very damaged young girl or boy who who thinks she/he is only valuable or worthwhile if/when she/he gives herself/himself to all comers.

...self-loathing democrats are dangerous to America's well being.

I think it is foundational to our USA's political 'split'/divide...a psychologically sound assessment.

The split/divide can pretty much be simplified as being Capitalism/Conservatism VS Communism. The rest is simply a distraction... a smoke cloud.

That's a good assessment, I think, but the underlying psychology is similar...includes victim/spoiled-brat, born with a silver-spoon-in-the-mouth, and etctera. folksy but valid assessments.  Psych community has fancier words but that narcissistic psych culture is not much good, not very smart anymore.

Love that chart!

I'm glad we have people watching and keeping track.

All that represents is what our rotten school system and the media have taught the useful idiots. It's their technique for tearing us apart and burdening our country... the goal of communism is the foundation of it all.

I just said this over at US2namads:

Children are SUPPOSED TO BE impressionable...that's their job: grow what's planted in them! ...watch and learn! ...from those who are SUPPOSED TO BE doing it right! 

Lawlessness has grown to "OK" in our culture. Now we have a culture which includes: "lawlessness is OK".  Who'd-a-thot-it?  {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif}   not a Lie-beral...and dang few Conservatives...

Sure.  No surprise.

Thing that is hard for me to swallow is how so many smart we-the-peeps have wontonly allowed it to happen, and that so many, actually/stupidly, helped it to happen!

...complacency!!! Many of us saw this coming long ago. And now we fight. 

I predicted an invasion coming from our southern border over a decade ago, though I thought it was coming much sooner. I guess all they needed was to get all their ducks in a row. Russia and China have military advisors in South and Central America and Mexico.

Well, Dem/Prog OneW policy ruled both dem & repub for a few decades. But when they were ready to cap it off and waltz us right into OWO, along comes God's man,: Mr.Donald (stick it in yer ear!) Trump. {{Thank God!}}  And, naturally, the opposition is infuriated that Hell-ary didn't get to finish that waltzing for them and their antiChristian, anti-democracy, and anti-USA Muslim empty-suit.  Me and God are pleased about that!

You're right, it did, and I gotta admit I didn't pinpoint it with the Bush's... but there were things that each of them said that sent up a red flag, but I didn't understand why at the time. Bush 1 mentioned a kinder gentler world which I now know was referring to a OWG. Bush 2 said he was a compassionate Conservative. At the time I thought, WTH, he's more compassionate than us? He's putting himself above us? Conservatives ARE compassionate, but we're not stupid.  

And YES, God gave us Trump, but he's only a breather for what's to come. 

  And YES, God gave us Trump, but he's only a breather for what's to come.

Especially if Repubs/Conservs slip back into their "I can't be bothered" attitude yet again.


ugh!!! I'm totally disgusted with the republicans. I would have called McConnell, Boehner, Ryan, and McCain out into the street. They WASTED having the majority, TOTALLY WASTED IT!!!

Well, sure, ...RINO-weenies can plan, too ...for their party's downfall or for its absorption by the opposition.

All things considered I amazed at how stupid great portions of the electorate are...like Minnesotans electing a Muslim to Congress...Really! 

It won't be long before every state has a muslim representative in Congress because every stave has its enclaves of radical idiots. And, they will ALL be democrats.

Oh, Yes!  The Dems are soooo tolerant... (of real evils)

Actually, democrats aren't all that tolerant... they just want to convince US that WE need to be tolerant of the evils they embrace.

...see how that works?

I should use more words. ie:

Oh, Yes!  The Dems are soooo tolerant... (of real evils) ... (their evils)

Ha!!! I wasn't making a correction for you.

WOW, I had no clue, until now.  Number of Illegals in our State: 50, 400. Yearly cost for their care: $262 Million.  They Contribute $10.1 Million a year, which leaves a burden of $252 Million that is paid out by tax payers! 

Education: $126.2 Million.  English (classes) $25.3 Million.  Welfare $18.4 Million.  Healthcare $32.4 Million. Justice (Court Costs) $26.4 Million.  General funds $33 Million. 

It's no wonder that those of us, who truly need the help, that's being freely given to the Illegals, are being denied, claiming we surpass the guidelines to receive said help.  Gary and I together, clear less than $1700 a month.  The cut (guideline) off in our state is $2499.  Yet, we're making to much to receive help.  And now I know why.

We are still fortunate.  We own our home, and automobile, free and clear, and we have only monthly bills to pay out.  God has been supplying our needs.  Thank you Father!

How is it that the dems and RINOS never have to face the question WHY?

That's a terrific chart, Nate. I check out Robert Herrings. OAN twitter feed for daily updates, too. It's not State by State tho.


Ys, his figures are on a national level. I'm SURE that the 25,779,652 figure for illegals in this country is a lowball figure... who's counting the illegals "in the "shadows"? 

YIKES!!! My eyesight is failing me. *YES

Those figures are typically inaccurate as we both know. There only

guess-timates by whoever is doing the guessing. Wasn't there a big discussion when the Census had to be taken a few years ago about asking families to complete forms that were probably illegals?

The more bodies a state has, the more representatives they get. Yeah, so this invasion will really help the sanctuary states.

It's sickening Wendi.

Taking care of the vets is a totally separate issue and it's used as a diversion. Ya gotta keep the two issues separate and not allow them to set the narrative. They'll try to accuse you of not caring about our vets, and that's just not true. A wall would benefit America in so many ways and pay for itself in no time. NOT having a wall will bankrupt us.

Feel free to use it on him.


Invasion of the USA is NOT a human right!

Do you know how to make an INVASION not sound scary? Call it something else.

democrats have mastered that tactic... we call that LYING!!!

The President's DUTY to protect America is called "immoral"

Oh, yeah!  Lying, dishonesty, deception, and etc., and squishing an opponents words to make them less palatable were especially high values in parts of our culture in 2018...continuing on...

Sure... the President says one thing, and they say it was something else.

The figures are definitely eye-opening.  Thanks for posting this. 

You're welcome. The figures actually nauseate me. 

Hmmmm this data was posted 2019 by some guy, but isn't it dated 2011 elsewhere?

POINT:  The figures could be MUCH higher now. I wonder where a peep would get up-to-date figgers.  ???

OK, you're assigned the task of finding up-to-date stats. {#rofl.gif}{#popc1.gif}

I'm always doing searches and no one cares.

  I'm always doing searches and no one cares .

I care, Nate, I CARE ! !   ...that's why I aske YOU

hahaha... thanks

Sad... tell us what happened.

...and alcohol is usually involved when an illegal is driving.

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