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We the Seventy-Two Million...

Added: Saturday, November 21st 2020 at 1:51pm by OpinionNateTed



User Comments

TRUMP forever

Those 6 girls looked like lunatics, whoa.  Biden will not destroy us.  True enough!  Trump will prevail!

...unhinged feminists, I'm so glad they're not on our team. 

Rubin is the ugliest woman alive, inside and out. Period!

Who's Rubin?

That psycho saying we should be destroyed. The same psycho I spoke about last time lol. Once I see her, I see nothing else..

Ha!!! Yeah, that one... a real standout. She should be targeted for extinction, along with those other guests nodding in approval. 

Oh man, those 6 women, how did they escape their padde3d celss, they're so off the wall!

Many people, are coming out for Trump, because we know he won this election by a landslide, his votes stolen by those stupid machines placed across the U.S. by none other then The Democrat's.

And if Biden thinks he'll have peace and unity after a stolen election, he's in for a shock. It's not gonna happen. 

Don't I know it, and he'll deserver every bit as much, as the crap they gave President Trump these past 4 years, if not more.

The entire party should be dealt what they dished out.

I second that motion!!

We the people of the United States of America have voted in favor of our President, Donald J Trump serving a second term of office, that he may complete the critically important restoration of this nation he was elected to fulfill.

Those who voted Biden/Harris support Global Communism by unelected totalitarian rulers.

The difference is that stark.

I totally agree... 

And that's just prelude...to Ungodly acts

And now that Fox has surrendered, we won't hear about any of the ungodly acts... from the top dogs anyway. 

...and just like with obama, there won't be any microscope on Biden like there has been on Trump for the past 4 years. 

Biden is neither president or president-elect.  He'll be lucky to survive past 80.

The hard lefties will get rid of him

Our sucess lies with the SCOTUS. You're right, the radical left fringe won't settle for any moderation, communists never do. 

The left has all the tricks wrapped up and in their favor. Why, should we even vote if the boxes are rigged in their favor?. THis is what happens when the Republicans didnt fight back.

The republics don't know how to fight. 

You are right. It is as if they are wishy washy. 

They can't just remain gentlemanly... it's time to take off the gloves and fight like a man.

Yep, sometimes you have to roll in the mud with the bad guys,just to stay on top. 

Yep  {#cool2.gif}

Good to see you haven’t given up on a trampoline yet we are very hard evidence that came in today on our side the right side. For better news I’m going to suggest some YouTube sites that will tell you about the great reset, Biden is a communist, and how China will take us over once Biden is in power. You can put the puzzle together yourself take care He’s our stations with truthfulness not Fox News. All on YouTube Epoch Times!! ////For news on the CCP and what your life will be like once China takes over which is what’s happening the global reset to communism worldwide //// OAN/// Next News Network///// Crossroads Josh Phillip//// Newsmax//// Rudy Giuliani//// Sebastian Gorka////

THANKS... I've been looking for new news sources... Epoch Times looks like a good source so far.

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