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She votes democrat...

Added: Sunday, February 10th 2019 at 12:10pm by OpinionNateTed
Category: News & Issues

WATCH: Woman takes bat to restaurant windows over lack of meat patties


WATCH: Woman takes bat to restaurant windows over lack of meat patties



NO WAY IN HELL is that a Conservative who votes Republican.

Taking bets NOW.



User Comments

The UNHINGED walk among us...

Another democrat voter...

Crazy dude breaks window on bus

Have you noticed the uptick in wackos started with obama and his rhetoric?

obama and the democrats pretty much put their stamp on approval on all this nonsense... starting with their support of the communists behind OWS.

The dems backes every single RIOT GANG that came along. 


...the party of discourse, the party of descent, the party of complainers, the part of revolutionaries, the party of communism, the party of no good.

meat patties??....she must be desperate.I am amazed that no passerbys stopped her.

In another video, two people, a man and a woman outside, did kinda reach for the bat, then backed off.

Insane and they walk free among us

And I'll bet that restaurant won't press charges.

Well, that gives the phrase " bat shi$ crazy" another meaning/ visual description !

{#rofl.gif} Sure does... good one.

Like Kat says, insane, that walks free among us.

...and they're multiplying. She's pregnant. {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

Well, that oughta teach  'em not to run out of patties!  LOL

Hard to believe and scary to think that anyone would go berserk over something so minor as a place running out of a menu item.  That man and woman were wise to back-off.  She probably would have hit them with the bat too.  Insane!

They thought about it, they wanted to... but why risk your own wellbeing over windows. They made a wise decision to just walk away. 

i honestly don't know what the hell is wrong with these people... their reasoning... well, they seem to not have any. 

Seems she's "entitled" to go off. Like I said to kats...  I'll bet that restaurant won't press charges.  There lies the problem.

We'll be seeing a lot more of this from the flesh-eating Democrats if AOC wins her war against cows...{#what-the-oh-my.gif}

{#apploud.gif} Ippon goes to Irish {#apploud.gif}

SNAP....it happens. Just try not to be on the receiving end of a bat. That's the ticket.  :)

Hey... not my windows, not my concern... 911

I know women get cravings when they're pregnant but this whack job needs to be put in an insane asylum. 

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