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Oh boy, another YARD SALE...

Added: Thursday, September 19th 2019 at 1:52pm by OpinionNateTed
Well... today was a perfect day for yard sailing. But, as with every year at this time... the end of the summer, yard sales are few and far between.

In fact, I only found one... and low and behold, it was another BOOMER couple. What's with these BOOMERS. ;)

I went out on a limb on this one... I took a leap of faith in a category that I know little to nothing about. I'll get to that at the end of this blog.

The guy BOOMER was a retired Shop Class welding teacher... I bought a couple of brand new/never used flint strikers for lighting my acetylene torches for gas welding and brazing... $1 each... they're $15 new on Amazon, so that was a good deal.

Bought a Pierre Cardin CHICK pen set for $1 which will probably go to a sister.

 Then I spotted an old fishing rod and reel (as if 25 that I have now aren't enough). The reel is a cool vintage Pfleuger AKRON. That's nice...
...with some 0000 fine steel wool and WD40, it'll clean up like new

But the rod was what made my jaw drop. The rod is a True Temper "SPEEDLOCK" ...after researching the Patent number, the patent was applied for in 1925 though the pole wasn't manufactured until around 1939 when the American Fork and Hoe Co became TrueTemper. It gets even better...

...the pole itself is an OXFORD square rod. I've never seen or heard of one before today. 

OK, now for the wierd buy of the day, at least for me... DOLLS, collectible dolls. pfft. Since I have a GAZILLION "girls" in my family, they may end up being Christmas presents. 

They are all "Limited Edition" and numbered dolls, most all of them are porcellain dolls in their original boxes. I'm sure some of the women on blogster can tell me if I made a mistake or if I did OK. 

User Comments

Whatcha think? {#dancing6.gif}

You have waaaaay too much time on yer hands... you lucky dog!

I gotta stay busy with something... and this kinda play is actually part of my work. At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. {#basic-laugh.gif}

I like the pen set and it even has a little mirror.  I like the bling on it as well.  A good find there.

The first thing I thought of with the dolls was Amala with her doll collection.  I'd love to hear her opinion on these dolls and what she thinks.  I like dolls well enough.  Any young girl would adore on or collectors as well.  Mh g'mother gave me a porcelain doll that got passed down.  I wish I still had it.  Its eyes blinked and everything.

I can see you're very pleased with all that you bought and at great prices.  Quite a few gifts to give for C'mas or birthday if you so choose to do so.

Another good day of yard saling for you  :)

I'd like to get Amala's opinion... I really don't know. 

Yeah, for $1, I thought those pens would make some lady sitting at a desk all day a little happier. {#basic-cool.gif}

...whatever happened to your doll?

I passed her down to my sister.  My sister passed her down to her daughter.

OK, I thought you were going to say that you destroyed it as a kid. {#basic-wink.gif}

I loved all my dolls.  They were never abused physically or mentally  {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

I didn't think you would... just had to make sure. {#basic-cool.gif}

I was a good momma. {#basic-laugh.gif}

That was nice that you passed her on to your niece... I hope she realizes what an heirloom is.  

My neice is a lil miss, 10 going on 22.  She has already said she wants to give the doll to her daughter.  So I'd asked her "what if you just have boys?"  She says, "I'll put her in grampops china cabinet", haha!

Awww... good kid. {#basic-laugh.gif}

Some of those dolls are scary looking!

HA!!! Trust me, it's just the angle of the shot and the way the sun was hitting them. They're all really "cute". I had to take the photos FAST, just so I wouldn't get caught and have anyone see me outside with all my dollies{#rofl.gif}

The value the dolls lies mostly  in the boxes. Some of those dolls are scary looking. You did not list what you paid for them. I say yes you did good with your yard sales

Like I told bluesonrisas up there, it's only the angle and the way the sun was shining, they're not scary looking... really. {#basic-cool.gif}

I know I didn't say what I paid for them... at least not yet. I want to hear what someone who knows has to say before I tell. Even on things that aren't right up my alley, I have a pretty good idea on most everything. BTW... each box has the documentation and tags inside.

box, doucumentation and tags make them valuable  age also

Yep, I do know that some of them are from the 80s so they're already close to 40 years old. I learned long ago that the boxes are more rare than the items themselves when I saw some boxes that tin toys came in selling for $300. It would be well worth making copies at those kind of prices.

BTW... I paid $5 each for them w/boxes and documentation. I'll probably quadruple my money or, sell 3, recoupe my investment and gift the others at Christmas time. 

 You might be able to look for their value on the computer. 

 i think you did quite well. I want to go yard selling with you. lol

 A couple of years ago some woman was downsizing her home and gave me about 20 or so dolls. They had been stored in a curio cabinet. They were dusted and she had allowed her granddaughter to play with those porcelain dolls when the girl was small. 

I washed every outfit to salvage them. I dont know if they are worth any money but one is an Ashton Drake , that should be a collectible doll, The woman said, she paid good money for them.

BUT none of them had boxed. I was in the process of thinking about moving at this time so I packed them up. They are in the basement now. That is my next project to go through my stuff and have a yard sale. BUT those dolls arent going to be sold. I love my dolls.


I was saying that the woman dusted them but they still smelled of being old. 

 I was hoping Amala would come here and leave a comment. Instead, she wrote her own blog. WTH?

I already knew how to search for their value... I've been doing this for decades now. Just from what I already knew, I knew I couldn't go wrong at $5 each.

If your dolls are OLD porcelain, they could be worth quite a lot. Just make sure that if you keep them in the basement, that it's not at all damp... it could destroy the clothing. I would put them in a trash bag, put a dryer sheet or two inside the bag... it'll keep moths and bugs out plus keep them smelling fresh and dust free. Hang them from the basement rafters... the dryest spot in the basement. {#basic-cool.gif}

 I just reread your comment... 20 or so dolls!!!



 Good idea and thanks. 

You inspire many blogs here, dont you? lol

I think you couldnt go wrong at that price either. You did a good job.

It was a gamble, but I'm confident it'll pay off. 

Hey, it would be a blast to take you yard sailing... i could teach you how to turn $20 into $200-300 real quick. 

In fact... I was outside working and missed a great deal on facebook Marketplace. It was gone within 20 minutes. A beautiful minibike that needed nothing but a motor for $60. I have 6 motors all ready to be put on something. I counld have had it back up for sale at $360 within and hour.


We could have a good time. Anything to save money , I am listening. lol

Another series of dolls that I love are the Barbie Dolls. I wish I still had my first one , in the box. Some of those are worth a good bit of money too.

 Yep, she just gave them to me. She offered them to her granddaughter, she didnt want them. This lady knew I had a big doll collection, she asked me if I would take them and give them a good home. She didnt have to ask twice.

Who are you going to pass your dolls on to? 

These dolls that I bought... this is a one time deal for me. {#basic-cool.gif} I can't believe I even did it. pfft

 My daughter and my g. niece probably. 

I just noticed the doll with the bear that looks like a sailor. Look, at those adorable sandals on feet. That is so cute.

Your dolls are so detailed and realistic.

The details is what sold me... I love detail. 

I do remember that the one that looks like a sailor... the bear is named Gilligan. The little girl may be named Ginger. I'll look later and let you know. 

yes i like the pens  your sister will like them xx! some of the dolls are interesting ..i like the little gingham check dresses..{#basic-laugh.gif}

My sister (1 of 6) is one who likes to write letters rather than sending texts and emails, so she's the one the pen set would be perfect for. She's also a seamstress who taught all of her daughters and granddaughters how to sew. When it comes time, she helps each of them sew their prom dresses. BTW... I had to google "gingham". {#basic-undecided.gif}

Aren't those the kind of dolls that come alive at midnight to stab you?

HA!!! I guess I'll find out, huh? They're locked in my car right now... I also lock my doors. Now ya got me worried. {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

Remember what Talking Tina did to Kojak...

...no, but now I'm gonna run over to youtube to find out. {#popc1.gif}

Yeah, I found Talky Tina too when I was looking for Talking Tina. I'm not surprised to the authentic original episode of Twilight Zone w/Talking Tina and Telly Savalas isn't on YouTube. Maybe it is on for-pay YouTube. Thanks for the link, but I can't watch Talky Tina, whatever it is she does. I need to see the real Kojak get killed by the real Talking Tina. Telly played a real piece of shit on that episode.

I found the entire episode from part one... yeah, wudda creep. 

I  love the dolls. They have been taken care of. I think you did good especially, for a doll collector. I think you hit the "Mother Load". 

She had 6 more that I didn't buy... but I think I bought the best ones. 

I had a creepy doll one time. Someone gave it to me. BUT he looked as if he were possessed. BUT he was a designer doll. I cant remember who it was. BUT I looked it up. It played music too. I gave it to my great niece, and I betcha her mama got rid of it. Everyone who looked at that doll said it without hesitation, that doll looks haunted. lol 

That haunted doll is probably worth a lot... especially now, around Holloween.

Once you dig 'em out, write a blog about them.

Did you notice those 3 dolls that I bought with the bears? I think those are the Boyd Bears collection. I'd have to look again. They're in my car.

 I am going to check to see what they did with it. lol

Yes, I did notice that is what made me think of them. I love those bears

They would have looked cuter if I had taken them all out of the boxes and posed them as they're supposed to be displayed, but putting them back in as they were packaged would have been a real chore. 

 I bought a set of collector reindeer lights and boy, they were a fit putting back in the boxes. Also, A friend of mine gave me an entire Christmas Village. I love those things and I had one heck of time getting those into the boxes. This friend had a duplicate set of them as her mom passed , they both a set, so she was nice enough to give me a set. She didnt want any money for them as I offered to buy them. 

...ugh, yeah, getting them back into the boxes is a headache. I'm gonna have to bring them into the house and lay them all out on the living room floor and go through them. I think some of the documentation from some is doubled up in the wrong boxes. 

I had some of those Christmas Village things... I believe the entire collection. Sadly, I left them in the attic and my ex has them all now.

I know I wont get a chance tomorrow, I have to go see my great niece in the barrel races but maybe, on Sunday. I am going to dig those dolls out and start checking them out. I had forgotten about them until your post.

"barrel races"? As in horses in barrel race competition? I love watching those. 

 Yes, they travel a lot but this week they  are here in town

Both the horses and the riders are amazing.

I also, have some of those Boyd Bears. They are so adorable and from what I understand collectible.

When Dava was on here, she collected dolls too. I used to love to chat with her about the dolls.

Where is Dava now?

 Steve, said she couldnt get back on. So I dont know what is up with that.

It's too bad, I'm sure she would like these.


This little girl looks unhappy... and after looking it the box to find the accessories, now I understand why. She dropped the flower pot and broke it.


Yes, she would like them.


I think I like the two in the first pic the best. The little girl doll has such an adorable face. I like the doll wearing glasses who seems to be an intellect next . Then the sailor boy with the bear. 

The little girl in the first pic is porcelain. The little boy has no tags or documentation. 

That girl wearing the glasses is one of my favorites, she has eye lashes too. I like her red hair.

 I still say you did good.

When I opened the box today, I saw that she had a book bag over her shoulder are here's what was in it... an apple for the teacher, a chalk board and a chalk pencil.

So adorabable.This is what I  meant about the details. Who would of thought about a kid and a popsicle. ? 

 This one does look like an American Doll.

 So cute.

That red-headed girl with the glasses is the best.

 I dont know the choice is getting harder to make, now that you have them out of the boxes. lol

I don't know dolls, but a few of these look like they are from the "AMERICAN GIRL" collection.   The dolls went with a series of stories set in various times in American history.  Each era had a young girl character associated with it, hence, the dolls.   I believe you may have 1-3 Samantha dolls, and one Kristen.  

The "Kristen" that I'm referring to isn't the one labeled as such, but the girl with the braids above it.

Oops!  Make that Kirsten!

THANKS Maggie... this is what I was hoping for, some additional information on them. Later on today I'm going to take another look at them and see what the tags say, then write it down. I can't make out all of what that tag says, but I do know that she is one of the porcelain dolls. I also want to see if her sweater is wool. 

 Sometimes, the dolls actually have a number on the back of them too. 

 I just got back from getting my flu shot and shopping. I noticed all kinds of yard sales, really didnt have to much time to shop at them. So, we passed them by. Heck. lol My husband was with me and not feeling very well and I didnt want him being all grumpy so I did what we had to do and went home. 

I just got a call from my sister... I missed an entire town that was having yard sales today... ugh!!! 

"dolls actually have a number on the back of them too" 

...I just noticed a number on the back of the neck of that little sailor boy in the first pic a few minutes ago. I went through all of them to see more details and the accessories in the boxes. I'll show you some pics to answer some of your other comments.

 Oh that is sickening.

HA!!! Which comment is "sickening"? I think we need to start a new thread. Did you see all the photos that I added in the comments? They look much better in better lighting. None of them are scary looking at all. {#basic-cool.gif}

 Sorry, this was meant to be in reply that you missed that town with all of the yardsales.


 Sorry, I just got back on here. I love this doll. She is beautiful. I will scroll through and look at the pics.

Those whole-town sales can be a killer on the feet and the back. And, once you start buying, you have to lug all that stuff around with you. That's where a 3-wheel bike with baskets would come in handy. 

 I think the number is to  let you know how many were made.

Several of them have an envelope with a card in it that says what number it is out of how many were produced. I'd have to pull each doll out because some of the cards may be under the packing and cardboard. I'll look at the back of their necks too just to made sure I have the right card with the right doll. 

 Good Idea. Barrel Races cancelled due to a storm. 

OUCH!!! For anyone who traveled a ways for the competition, that's a bummer. 

After seeing these pictures of the dolls, they have cute faces and I like their accessories of theirs.  I like the green popcicle in boy doll.  The girl with granny glasses is so cute.

That one with the glasses... I may just wrap that box in bubble wrap and put it in another box, then a plastic bag and store it away. I like that one the best.

That doll with the glasses, she reminds me of the Mrs Beasley doll in that old sit com, Family Affair from the 60s.  It was playing for awhile on MeTv and the little girl on there had that doll.  You wouldn't consider giving her to a family member instead of storing her away?

Nah, I think I'll store it away for someone really special. 

The Danbury Mint collections, I get cards from them in the mail to buy some of their merchandise.

They produce all kinds of collectables, don't they?

They also have jewerly.

Heirloom type jewelry? 

Their may be heirloom jewelry but I see tons of rings, handbags, necklaces, bracelets that are modern day, not antiques.

I just googled the Danbury Mint porcelain dolls and some are selling on ebay for good prices.

They're really diverse, aye? That's what keeps them in business. Anything that's quality made can become an heirloom. 

I agree. Today's jewelry is the next generations heirlooms.

It's whatever gets passed down from generation to generation.

Yes, indeed.

These omments arent nesting right. 

Comments............... geeshhhh. I am having a hard time. lol 

That's OK, starting a new thread would be easier to answer.

Before we downsized, I had a whole room with dolls in it. I had a wooden small rocking horse. Table and chairs with babys around it, having a tea party. Curio Cabinet and shelves with dolls.  

I loved it.

Aww, and you thinned 'em out?

 Yes , so many of them I gave to my daughter though. 

I found a Barbie doll, on my daughters graduation year. The doll was still in its box and the doll looked like my daughter. lol I got that for ten bucks.

That's good that they'll still be in the family. 

Barbie's never go out of collectible style, do they? They're like money in the bank.

 I saw one online selling for a thousand bucks. Not all of them are this expensive though.

Keep in mind, people can ask whatever they want... and the item can remain "for sale" for eternity too. 

 This is true

I love the dolls and I would have bought every one of them too. Does their value increase with age? It sounds like a great investment if you can keep them in mint condition.

Sure, like with anything, as time goes on things get destroyed and there are fewer of them around. They are all "limited edition" dolls, so I would say their value would only go up as time goes on. 

I'm very good at preserving my collections. {#basic-cool.gif}

I'd definitely hang on to those dolls for a few years....they could be worth a fortunre!!

Dolls aren't quite my thing, but as far as dolls go, I've got to say these are a work of art.

  I am wondering if those toys that were in Happy Meals of long ago are worth anything?

Hang on to them, eventually they will be... if they're still sealed in the original packaging. 

 No they arent in the package. Never thought of this.

Nope, not worth much... keep 'em for 50 years and they will be. {#basic-wink.gif}

hahaha. They are about 30 yrs old now. 

Ya know those huge plastic jug/jars w/lid that those cheese puff balls or pretzels come in? Put them all in one of them and they'll make a cool shelf display. I've done that with my knife, harmonica, and other collections. It makes for a nice conversation piece. 

 Good idea and thanks.

Have you got any skeleton keys? Keys of all kinds are selling as a bunch, especially skeleton keys. 

 No, I dont and never would of thought about this one.

Any unused old door or car keys... but skeleton keys are worth a lot more. 

Skeleton keys $5.00 each

4 inch skeleton keys $20 each

WOW, and to bad I dont have any. lol

I have a jar full.


You did very well on your yard selling.  When those dolls were new, they would have sold for between $20 - $50 dollars.  The olkder they are, the more vauable they become, epecially if they are collectible.

THANKS Ellie... that's what I like to hear. {#basic-cool.gif}

Looks like you had a fun time yard sailing and your finds made a great conversation topic. 🥳

Yep, I always have fun yard sailing. I missed a lot of them in the spring and summer, but I'm making up for it now. I wanna talk to another fanatic like me. {#basic-wink.gif}

That’s what’s so much fun, chatting with people about their items for sale. I need to be downsizing but it’s hard to let go of some things even if they have little value, they meant something to me. Lol 

I used to buy just to collect, now I buy with selling in mind. I've learned a lot over the years by talking to the old timers. 

Hopefully I'll get a few more in yet this year. I'm off for the night... it's been a long day. {#basic-cool.gif}

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