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No Wesley, I don't want a foot massage, but...

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, November 13th 2019 at 3:01pm by OpinionNateTed


...I do have another suggestion...




"How do I aquire a van?" you ask?



Here... you can get funding for all kinds of crazy shit......

{#dancing6.gif}  GoFundMe.Com  {#dancing6.gif}



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Me thinks he needs to focus more on the foot, and get his mind out of the gutter, lol!

Well, I'm pretty sure the only interaction he's had with a woman is during the daily foot massages he gives his mom. 



Sometimes I give my mom foot rubs, not everyday.


Foot massages are not my thing. I'm more for a good back massage that lasts about an hour.  I think he could make a killing more in back rubs that feet....but that's me. *shrug*

I got a foot and hand massage from a pretty reflexology student (zone therapy) once, and it was pretty relaxing. I just think Wes needs to branch out a bit. I have a few more ideas to help promote him, but I can only do so much. {#basic-undecided.gif}

Hey, he could probably practice on your back... want me to ask him? 

If he does back massages as he does foot massages...hmmm.  Are you his agent?  :)

...I suppose that could be an option... if there's any money in it... of wait, he gives free massages. hmmmm...

I would massage your whole body.

...don't talk to me like that. {#angry.gif}

Not you I waa talking to Charm.

...she's gonna slap you.

Wesley, no thanks. I'll leave that to the professionals.

Last time I went for a back massage I left the place in pain, it wasn't relaxing at all.

Ha!!! It can be painfull when you're getting a deep massage. huh? They're concentrating on working out a knot and you're about ready to jump through the roof. 

{#drinking15.gif}   I'm having Gin & Pink Lemonade... (60 degrees, clear & sunny)

The BEST inner-parts massage...

"60 degrees"? ...oh shut up!!! {#rofl.gif} 


Not bad for NW Oregon...

0:14 Victory Dance 8.1K views · February 20, 2018

I'm pretty sure you possess quite an extensive collection of your obsession. Would to consider yourself an expert, or a professional?

I cant stand my feet being touched. They are ticklish.

I wonder what Wes's solution is for that.

I massage feet very slowly, I don't tickle them.

...got video of your technique?

...I think Wendi's gonna punch you in the nose.


F/f foot massage - Jennifer Beals in The L Word Mindy Milano • 13K views5 years ago We see here Jennifer Beals bare feet as another sexy brunette woman massages her feet.

...wow, wudda moment that was. {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

lol you guys are somthing else. 


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