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More of that crazy lady...

Added: Tuesday, January 18th 2022 at 3:51pm by OpinionNateTed





User Comments


Those coffee cups looked like dice, but she was right too...teeth, yikes!


They would make for some really big pearly whites, huh?

...as well as Chicklets gum {#basic-ohsnap.gif}

Ooooooo ouch!!! If someone were to mistake those for Chicklets, that would be the end of those pearly whites. {#missing-tooth.gif}

Talk about having to get fitted for dentures reeeeal quick.  

I wonder though, who could possibly drink coffee out of those cups?  A praying manthis perhaps?  It must be cups for like aif Barbie had friends over for coffee??  They're so teeny tiny!

I'm laughing at "aif" I used up there.  Just so you know, I'm aware of that typo. {#basic-tongue-out.gif}

An aif Barbie must be a really rare Barbie doll. You should blog about her.{#popc1.gif} 

{#rofl.gif} ok wise guy, very funny!  Actually, you're right, an aif Barbie is very rare.  They are sold solely along a river in Peru.  The rarest of the aif Barbie has an eye missing, but you can always paint the socket or use a magic marker.  Anything rare is worth a little mending here and there.

Isn't that the Popeye Barbie of the aif Barbie Collection?

Ya know?  I think ya right!  No wonder the eye is missing! It popped out, therefore putting it in the Popeye Barbie Collection.  I forgot that piece of its history. Thanks for reminding me.  I'm ashamed that I forgot that at all! {#basic-frown.gif}  


Dani... YOU are a happy blogger and a happy commentor. I thank the Good Lord that YOU are here to bring a little life and joy to Blogster. {#giveflowers.gif}

I'm just seeing this now!  I got no notification.  Thank you so much for the compliment!  I try to find "happy" in most things, especially nowadays, as its a harsh world we live in.  Got to try and find the humor, somehow.  Thank you again {#heart.gif}

Sometimes Blogster is like driving on a flat tire. {#basic-tongue-out.gif}

I think you and I are among like maybe 4 people left on blogster with a sense of humor. Sure we see the ugliness and the choas, but we also know how to get away from it for a break too.

You're #1 with a smile. {#basic-cool.gif}

Thank you muchly {#happy2.gif}


{#popc1.gif} Who is that crazy lady? She has a voice that would crack plaster. 

She's funny (in my opinion)

...sorry you can't see that. {#basic-undecided.gif}

{#popc1.gif} I didn't say she wasn't funny, just a little too LOUD and raucus. She could tone it down a little. 

Don't you have a volume control on your computer? 

Yes. I also have a mute button. But I don't usually think of that. 

Well, it would be nice if you showed up here with a positive attitude and positive comment when the volume problem was on your end. 

You don't usually think of your volume control, but you do immediately think of a negative comment? OK, I understand now. {#basic-undecided.gif}

I'm sorry to be so "negative" but this pandemic has put me in a foul mood that I'm having a hard time getting out of. If I won the lottery all I would be able to think about is the taxes I would have to pay. I can't take any pleasure in anything anymore. Nothing pleases me or amuses me, especially not some empty-headed bimbo who talks too loud and pulls jokes out of her ass. But it's not just her. Very little makes me laugh anymore. I'm tired. I'm sick. And I'm not very optimistic about the future.

Do you think you're the only one feeling that way? I'm not happy with the world either, so I try to inject a little happiness into the world with some humor... then along comes you. 

So, you think Mary Katherine Backstrom is a bimbo?... why is that? 

Don't think about coming to my blogs anymore. You can just wallow away, alone, in your misery, if that's the route you choose. 

{#rofl.gif} at comments.......

Feel free to jump in at any time. {#basic-tongue-out.gif}

That woman with those teeny weeny coffee mugs. At least she could laugh about it.

I'm sure she missed the fine print...

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