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I'm not drinking tonight...

Added: Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at 5:36am by OpinionNateTed

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No photo description available.

If you end up like this .... Download drinking 20

Try a couple o' these .... Download drinking 7

Alcohol makes you do things you thought impossible... ...later ...pondering that from your hospital bed.

...or waking up with no recollection of where you are.

ugh... all that excitement lost and forgotten... thanks heavens for freinds to remind you. 

And that isn't always good when you are reminded of what you've done.  You're wanting to find the nearest hole and bury yourself in it.

And then there's those VIDEOS that allow to to relive those magical moments over and over...

And then those videeos are liable to be found on social media, so you're damned either way  {#basic-undecided.gif}

...uh huh

That's what happens lightweight drinkers. I'm a pro...🍸😮🍸


the only thing alcohol does for me or I should say to me is, it makes me feel sick and I just want to lie down and sleep it off....lol.  I very rarely indulge and my body is not used to it I guess.  My limit if/when I do drink is one glass, any more than that and I just feel like puking.

I seldom drink myself... twice in the past 2 months. I can have beer sitting in the fridge for months. 

I dont drink either. I used to have a few back in the day but no more.

I'm definitely not doing that hangover thingy anymore. 

 I agree, I do not miss the sick feeling of a hangover.

Oh heck no... and I actually have more fun too.

i have wine with a meal  sometimes...and sometimes a ,,,shandy....[half strength  beer with lemonade,,at a music event....i dont get drunk

...I stop at happy and feeling OK{#basic-cool.gif}

Lol!  I'm thinking that's why I quit drinking, lol!  Have a few beers and oops!!

I'd rather just wave at the cops when they drive down the street than have then knowing me on a first name basis. {#basic-cool.gif}

Same here, lol!

ooops  *them

LOL at the pictures

I've done so crazy shit, but never naked... yet. 

I admit to nothing

THANK heavens... those were the days before everyone had cell phones. 


An alky guy I worked with in the 70's rode dirt bikes at weekend meets.

One saturday he crashed over the handlebars and tore open hs scrot!

Hospital fixed him up...he went back (on the pain drugs) and did it again ...the same day !!!


Last time I picked up a beer was in highschool.... I read in McCall's that it works really well on your hair... makes it shiny and soft.

My hair was really long and sponge curlers made it look good but that beer... WOW It looked awesome.

"Daddy! isn't my hair Pretty?..." my mom said I could have can of his beer but I didn't know one can from another so... there ya go!!! LOL


Did you shampoo with it, or put it on your hair before putting it in rollers? 

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