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Illinois school board meeting - mask mandate - PARENT FIGHTS BACK!!!

Added: Thursday, September 23rd 2021 at 5:15pm by OpinionNateTed

It's amazing what $$$CASH$$$ can buy...

Concerned mother at Vandalia County board meeting reveals the school is slated to receive $5 million in federal funding for enforcing mask and vaccine mandates.


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Why do you think they are forcing it? As she said to get money to line their pockets, and to hang with the students and if it is good for them.

It would seem to me that they should be allowed if they aren't going to school in person to have home schooling  via the computers that they did have.

WE are NOW living in NAZI Germany if we allow this to happen.

We the people need to stand up and say enough is enough and fight. 

I am glad this Mother said what she said. Bro. Doc

That mom was impressive, and she knew exactly what she was saying with proof to back it all up.

One thing I wished had been on the vid, was what the School distri ct had to say after she backed everything up with documents.

I am sure she was not well liked by the School Board. Bro. Doc

I'll bet the school board was like ---> {#what-the-oh-my.gif} and speechless.

I would think so. Bro. Doc

Fire the school board or fire the school, hmmm?

Sounds like a great backup plan to me. 

{#arrow_go.gif} MAMA!!!!

That mom was on FIRE!!! God Bless Her. 

Omg...BRAVO!!{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif} She certainly did her homework and laid it all out on the table!  Very darn impressive.  I'll bet their tails were between their legs when she was done with that school board!

You summarized it perfectly. She was well prepared to say the least. Now I hope she follows up as to where that money went. If that money went into the pockets of the school board members, maybe the parents should look at taking some legal action against them. parents across the country are taking back their school boards and this school board should be no exception.

Being that this video, no doubt, went viral and thousands will be viewing it, now there will be more people than ever that'll want to know the answers to that mother's questions.  They'll have no choice but to respond, if they know what's good for 'em. This can't be swept under the rug, not any longer.

More good points there. I hadn't thought of that. {#basic-cool.gif}

I would love to know what the end results of this could be!

Me too. 

Dang commie feds...

...it's a school board

If the fed/swamp creatures were not using NEA for O'Biden's purposes...

Leftist school boards were only elected because we weren't paying attention. The leftists knew a long time ago how important it was to hijack the minds of our youth and indoctrinate them in socialist/communist propaganda. WE dropped the ball, they took it and ran it in for a touchdown. 

On that we agree with no problem...



...yeah huh

Illinois is a "BLUE" State through and through.  And if Biden told them to hang those students, who refuse to wear a mask, they would.  They are money hungry, and will do anything to receive a million here or there.

Nebraska, next store to them, is not a  "BLUE" State.  Outside of Douglas County, we're "RED" State.  The mask is not mandated in our public schools, except for Douglas County.  They have mandated it, trying to get some of those fund, which won't happen, because our Governor has refused it.

Good for him!

I think those pushing these rules on the people and the kids, think that they HAVE the CONTROL and the parents are to dumb to think for themselves. 

God Bless this Lady.

And the power has gone to their heads. That lady should be on the school board. 

That's always been the bottom line, it's always been about the Benjamins, I've always said that the reason the face diapers won't go away is they are making too much money off of them. It's good to see people pushing back all across the country.


yeah, to think what the total cost of all of those disposable masks add up to, and they aren't even biodegradable. And, there's no end in sight.

nope, I've always told people, once we bend to their will they are going to look for excuses to keep the face diapers around. scumbag greedy dumbocrats.

They've been consolidating power for 100 years, nibbling away at our rights, unnoticed because they took small bites. I fear there's no getting them back short of a bloody revolution. The problem with that is, our OWG "leaders" have the ability to take us out in small pockets, one group at a time... they've been trained in urban warfare in Afghanistan and the middle east. 

I think a lot of school boards are waking up to very upset parents. They don't like hearing from them, either. 

We blindly trusted them for decades, believing they were all for "the children"

Harper Valley PTA... 


democrats always hide behind "it's for the children" to get away with pushing their dangerous agenda. They are no different than Terrorists who hide weapons in schools .... 

To the left, a child is but a body with $$$ attached. 

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