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Hey, where's all the white kids?

Added: Tuesday, July 9th 2019 at 6:48pm by OpinionNateTed


...just some kid's having fun.




User Comments

...not a dayum thing will be done. 

Free Stuff!!

...good times

It's OK - they're all deserving of infinite reparations

...a downpayment

A first installament on infinite reparations

...ya think reparations would shut 'em up? {#basic-undecided.gif}

Never. If they ever shut up, the gravy train gets sidetracked eventually

Why would they stop, it's worked pretty good for them so far.

Paint people as animals, they'll fulfil your wildest dreams.

Having said that. Those cunts should have been rounded up and widely beaten. Cheeky fuckers! Totally out of line.

I can't even call you a racist on this one. 

...you could if you wanted to. {#basic-laugh.gif}

Nah! Not tonight. Tonight you're right.

pfft, as always. {#basic-cool.gif}

Hey! Nice one on the Superego!

...when ya got it, flaunt it. {#dancing6.gif}

Let's go for some Pizzaaaaa...

WorldStar Chuck E Cheese

Who were they, members of a gang?!?  And where were the cashiers?  I didn't see one at all.  Its as though the store was empty and open to the public.....first come, first serve.  {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

Nope, just kids out having some fun... en masse. The cashier? He got his head busted with a bottle... few stiches, he'll be fine. 

Hey, this one's even more fun... 

Two Families Brawl in Disneyland

Omg, wth...?!?  


Wow....just wow!


Security... where's SECURITY?!!! {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

Weren't they somewhere in that hot mess??  Holy crap!

Shit, who fights at Disneyland? 

Yeah, this is where you go awry Teddiekins.

This is a deliberate attempt on your part to defame every black person on the planet by showing the childish shit of one serious dysfunctional black family.

Now you are propagandist and racist, you dim TWERP!

I know right?  I hope Mickey and Minnie weren't watching  :(


 ...but they were teaching their children a thing or two. {#basic-ohsnap.gif}

.....and each other!  {#a-little-birdy.gif}

...it's a learning experience. 

....as well as a learning curve.

The very sad thing, dear Okie, is that these sorts of scuffleis and combative behavior were, and for some still are, all too frequent amongst a certain minority of the black minority. Come on over, spend some time deep in the hood, or maybe ask Amod. Amod has good, legitamate reasons to carry most everywhere he goes. That's not to say the other races aren't violent - I once met a personable Chinese /American mass murderer - but American Black Culture is notorious for this stuff - seen it in real-life too often.

...and learning disability.

I don't doubt it. Not one word of what you are saying. 

But history tells me great truthes too. 

The European rape of Africa, the Americas, Australisia. India.

See, Muslims move in work hard and behave, generally speaking.

Wheras, historically truthfully, Christians mass murder and steal other's land.

So, shut your fucking yap, you neo Faschist cunt! OK?

Watch yourself Onion! Watch yourself!

Here we have more little children and babies in the midst of a brawl...

Major Brawl Breaks Out At A Chuck E. Cheese In Chicago!

...must be something in the dayum pizza!!!

I know... Africans hard at work...

Africans rioting in Portadown Ireland

And Historically, who do you think the Muslims aquired most of their lands from, and how? At the point of a sword, that's how. From Christians, that's who.  Stealing other's land. Human nature, that is. So I take it you're Islamic? Pakistani, perhaps?

 Was that a joke Oakie? 

You right wing cunts never ever listen do yah!

Hey, go live in New Orleans and feel the tide rise up against your manly vagin a. 

Watch you mouth gay boy... you can disappear with a click. 

Calling me gay boy doesn't hurt. I'm proud to have many gay friends. Wheras, as self-righteous Nazi XXXX like you is surely on borrowed time.

▶ Oakie2012 on Tuesday July 9th 2019 at 10:11pm

Geee, for a gay punk like you to be threatening me... it kinda makes me chuckle. {#rofl.gif}{#popc1.gif}

Retard. Its the Christian XXXXX who perloined lands from non |Christians, you uneducated welk.

▶ Oakie2012 on Tuesday July 9th 2019 at 10:01pm

You are from a some sort of different school, that is obvious. Be happy you're not an aboriginal Tasmanian

Gay people can fire flame throwers, or bugger cheeky cunts like anyone else.

Don;t get cocky kid!

Didn't I tell you to watch you mouth punk? Dig a little deeper into you limited pee-brained vocabulary to find some other words to express yourself or I won't just censor you comments, I'll delete them entirely. 


Erm. Crusaders taking Middle East lands???

Donl't you get that bollocks? You XXXXXXX tard?

▶ Oakie2012 on Tuesday July 9th 2019 at 10:21pm

The dichotomy, that so irks, lends the most profound need of feeling yet rakes and rails against a globulous foe's most wanton fancies. Such said foe, beeps and peeps and blows and blows. 

As is his most vain wont.

He dare profess to be an eloquent, a cordial languagent. But he falls foul of the most crudest tests and has naught but vain brashment to carry him along.

Verilly. He is a dick.

You'd smack me so fucking hard would ya? Sorry, I don't kiss on the first meet, girly-boy, and certainly not the likes of you, whatever you are.

...a drunk wandering (staggering) off the topic of the blog is rather comical.

What a fucking coward you truly are.

I did that, then you went bully boy on me, because you are such a whitetrash pussy.

Reality Right Ted Dick Head. Pissed out of my head I will always be a better human being than a shitty dysfunctional bigot like you, you XXXXXXX worm.

Sober, you are a violater. a slaver, a dirty little XXXXX. 

SERIOUSLY. We should meet up. Mano v mano. Lets do it.

▶ Oakie2012 on Tuesday July 9th 2019 at 10:55pm 

Me a bigot? Funny that, your here bashing Christian... ya damn hypocrite!

 "We should meet up. Mano v mano" ...that would be hilarious. {#rofl.gif}{#popc1.gif}

I'm not gonna bother carting you off to the hospital, you can just lay there meditating on what just happened. 

So many levels of wrong here, good lawd!

 Oakie's an experienced DRUNK BLOGGER. {#dancing6.gif}

He was/is some kind of p!ssed off, whoa!!  You really got his motor racing, didn't you? {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Dude has buttons just begging to be pushed. 

And you are ready to give him the thumb!

...was that my thumb?

Well I know you wouldn't stoop so low as to give him the finger.....?

...yeah huh? {#basic-laugh.gif}



African-American's hate being stereotyped but when they continue attacking each other, over and over again, what does that say?  {#basic-undecided.gif}



It's a bad rap that falls on all the good Black citizens who are nothing like this. I blame it on the democrats and their welfare system that removed the Black fathers from the home. 

Africans are hard at work everywhere...

African migrants storm border into Spain's Melilla

Push us hard enough and we WILL come looking for you.


Oh noooooooooooo... {#what-the-oh-my.gif} Gay muslims scare the shit outta me. 

Seriously, have you ever come across a gay Muslim?

No. They'd be stoned to death for being an infidel, like you. 

Gaywad, Christian Coward Racist!

I thought of Jesus as a cool guy. You total shit are incomparable. Don 't get ideas above your XXXXXX stations.

▶ Oakie2012 on Tuesday July 9th 2019 at 10:05pm

There are many gay Muslims in America. And in Britain too no doubt.

And there are many retards like you in every culture. You being ten a penny.

 Wanna borrow a mirror?

 Hey, explain your username "Oakie" for us.

Hey Oakie boy, I asked you... "Hey, explain your username "Oakie" for us."

Sure their parents would be proud of them. If you said anything about their behaviour what's the betting they would play the race card like they always do. It's disgusting no matter what colour you are. 

The salesperson behind the counter said something trying to stop it and they busted his head with a bottle. That's all fun for them. 

Wow! A Hard Case who blocks those that democratically disagree with him?

What a lizzard!

Don't be an obnoxious crybaby, you know better than to show up on my blogs acting like a foul-mouthed, drunken fool. I warned you nicely but you're to stupid to heed my warnings. You aren't "blocked" but I will delete your foul comments from here on out. Try to act civilized for a change. 

very disturbing scene, would love to know what triggered it, where they all came from, how it was organised.  It would have had to be organised for so many to all congregate at one store and know exactly what to do all together.  Someone thought to organise this gathering and was it really just for shits and giggles?  I dont know, but it is really disturbing.

It wasn't really organized per se, rather it was simply oganized chaos. They had been roaming the streets in groups that would merge, then kinda break up into smaller groups then pick a target business at random and swarm it like a flash mob.

that's horrible Nate, I am glad it doesnt happen here in Australia, the only time I see something like this is on the Boxing Day sales when mobs and mobs of people wait outside the department stores and when it opens they rush in like a huge wave, to pick up incredible bargains like you wouldnt believe.  I think you have something similar over there but I cant remember when it is.  Ours is the day after Christmas.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. 

HOLY CRAP! If I saw that lot coming into the store I'd be on the phone dialing the cops and calling for reinforcements PRONTO! In fact, I did that one time. A big gang of kids like that showed up in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven where I was working the graveyard shift in a suburb of Denver. They really weren't doing anything wrong but they were laughing, talking loudly, slapping each other's hands, and acting erratically. I was there alone, so I got on the horn and called the cops, told them what was happening, and asked them to keep an eye on the place when they drove by. In a few minutes time the cops came racing into the parking lot with their lights flashing. And guess what? That whole gang of kids ran out of there so fast it was like watching Flash in the funny papers. Whoosh! And they were all gone, like magic. 

I figure the cops may have been looking for them, that they had been up to something wrong and thought they were safe, congratualting each other for getting away before the cops came and surprised them. 

Smart thing to do on your part. There's little sense in waiting for something to happen when there's a large gathering of fools, it's inevitable that something will happen. 


Yeah huh? There's little if anything that can be done to stop a mob like that. Unless they are prosecuted and punished severely, it will only continue and get worse. 

I am thinking that even in small towns there will come a time that things like this will happen. Sadly this was not even for food but just to be destructive

These are the end times Kat, and the time is coming when the economy will collapse and gangs will be roaming the streets. 


In some Chicago neighborhoods blacks have been complaining for many years that they have to live in "food deserts". What that means is that no grocery stores exist for miles around them. Well....here's a clue fer ya. 

Yep... That's the gimme mentality. Most everyone in the ghetto are on public assistance and they don't have any investment in their community or skin in the game. They tear shit up and burn shit down, then they wonder why they're left with nothing. 

One thing for sure, they are not going to receive the respect they keep wanting.  Not as long as they do stupid things like this.  They scream Black Lives Matter, but they show, by their action, it doesn't.

It's like gang or terrorist "respect" ...we call it fear. 

{#police.gif} {#police.gif} {#police.gif} {#police.gif} {#police.gif} {#police.gif}    THEN      {#stick-bash.gif} {#stick-bash.gif} {#stick-bash.gif}

PC will prohibit any real punishment, just watch and see. 

Yes, and it will all go on again and again.

Exactly... crack down on them and make the punishment harsh, that's the only way to send a message.  

It is, but authority has been taken from everywhere, parents, schools, even the police, and Magistrates well I gave up on them years ago.

Our "leaders" are not leading us in the right direction. 

All of this nonsense about "like" freedom of speech, is ALL very one sided, if you are white, then you are racist if you say ANYTHING, and the silly thing is, it's not because we are white that we want to have our say, it's because we love our country.

I'm not very good with writing this sort of thing, but I am just so sick of being called a racist, I don't are if someone is back blue or brindle, BUT they do not deserve to be heard about a white person.

If you don't agree with every word they say, you must be a racist. In fact, just because you're white, you're automatically privileged and you're a racist... from birth. What nonsense.

The thing about it that they travel in gangs, makes it harder to fight all of them if it comes to that and you know it would. AND they get away with it. People that beat up on a single person or are fighting those that are outnumbered are cowards, plain and simple. Sometimes, crime seems to pay, if the innocents are suprised and outnumbered. This is a thugs way of life. 

I watched another video from that night and the news person was interviewing a guy who lived in an upstairs apartment. He said he was out on his balcony and watched the group beat the shit out of a white guy down below him. The white guy was out all alone. 

It infurates me that they want to hate and kill white people. They sound like the leader of the Black Panthers who was intimidating the polls. Remember, he called all white woman hoes and said all cracker babies should be killed. Then you have Sharpton and Farahkan in the past stirring it up even more. Preaching hatred.

Seems they want revenge on white people who had nothing to do with slavery. 

Exactly and they dont care about that, they want to be hatin on someone and getting money cause they are to lazy to work. They feel it is owed to them.

It sure was obvious with this mob.

Philly= the city of Brotherly Love ( not). 

They've destroyed that slogan...

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