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Added: Sunday, February 17th 2019 at 8:22am by OpinionNateTed

They will walk...

4 teens accused in suspected rape of 18-year-old in Idaho


"refugees" from Tanzania - 4th suspect is a 16-year old


Authorities say the woman initially consented to having sex with Iyombelo, but then told him to stop. Police say the three other defendants then took turns raping the victim. The prosecutor said that the alleged victim said she was afraid that if she told them to stop, she’d be killed.

The three men told the court the accusations are false.

A public defender reportedly said that the men were paying for sex and the case was “complicated.”

"Apparently she had been aware that there were four of them and that they were going to pay her for sex," the attorney said, according to KTVB. "There's a little more to this story than we all know at this point."


User Comments

That "REFUGEE" plan sucks!!!

This is all we will be told.....bringing their customs to our land

Ain't "multi-culturalism" great? RAPE is in their culture. 

...now in ours...

 ...the "melting pot" is boiling.

More Democratic voters in the making.

...it won't be long and the democrat party will be publically endorsing pedophilia, child brides, incest and bestiality. (they already are behind the scenes)

Let's bring in more people who have absolutely no intention of integrating into our society or it's mores.

Gee!  What a great idea!!  That'll show the world that we are soooo generous....

 Yep, gotta eliminate anything that's "white" "American" "traditional" or "Biblical"

...inclusional for them, EXCLUSION for us.

This case will be swept under the carpet, and we'll not hear another word about it, and the "Refugees" will walk.  This is so frustrating!  The victim is made to look bad, and they get off to rape again.  Only next time the victim may not live to tell about it!

Excellent assessment. I agree 100%

Idaho...get rid of these refugees  How stupid can people in Idaho be to embrace these people  and from Africa???? P l e a s e.....They are the most violent people ane yes rape is their culture along with killing.

I really don't think this was a decision made by the people of Idaho in general... this is something that obama set up in every state in the US. There is big money to be made running the "resettlement" programs, often run by leftist organizations under the mask of "churches".

Center for Immigration Studies

Not sure you can pin this one on Obama. Some well meaning Christians are paying their way here. "The road to hell..." and all that don't you know. 

It's impossible to judge what the truth is in this story from this infomation

The job of a defense lawyer is the create doubt, he did that.

Actually the job of a defense attorny is to create alternate plausable realities.


Yep... and the prosecutor's job is to bring the jury back to reality. There's good reason for so many more defense attornies entering politics on the democrat side.

"There is no crisis at the border"

"There is no invasion"

"A WALL is immoral" 

"Trump is a racist"

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