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DEMOCRATS kill old people...

Added: Friday, May 22nd 2020 at 7:07am by OpinionNateTed

Over 4,300 virus patients sent to NY nursing homes, AP counts


Who thought this was a good idea?


AP compiled its own tally to find out how many COVID-19 patients were discharged from hospitals to nursing homes under the March 25 directive after New York’s Health Department declined to release its internal survey conducted two weeks ago. It says it is still verifying data that was incomplete.





User Comments

IGNORE what democrat politicians say publicly... pay attention to what the liberal professors and the liberal elitists say to their captive audiences. 

I heard it was POTUS fault for the nursing home deaths

 I have been reading kats that it was Coumo who did this.

he is the one that blames Trump for it

Yep, the buck stops with Cuomo... but he'll still deny fault. Typical. 

 I know, Coumo is an outright liar.

I heard Trump say the Governors are in charge of their own people.....so no what happens in each state is from those they elected to run the state.


Wendi  .. it happened also in Pa so this is the Governor in each state not T

 Trump is allowing those governors to hang themselves when they come up for reelection. 

yup I watched the confrence where he said this is the easy way they show people with their actions who they are.

The ONLY way they can "beat Trump" at the ballot box is through MASSIVE FRAUD... hence, the push for mail-in voting... blaiming covid-19. 

There's more than one state doing THIS:

Florida tells mail voters to put personal information on outside of ballot envelopes, where it can be seen — or taken — by anyone

...and along the way, there are MANY chances for a useful idiot activist to "misplace" that mail-in ballot. 

{#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} Name and address is on outside of the envelopes here, and we are to print, not sign our names on the outside envelope.  And.....we take it back, don't mail it back.  Not only that, the majority, who vote by mail do not mail back, but drop it off, at the ballot dropbox outside the courthouse, which is emptied a 4 p.m. daily, until the day of voting, when all ballots are counted, and no fraud found.  All states shoud be doing this!!  By the way, Trump received 770,000 votes here in Nebraska! 

Ellie, do you know who is in charge of emptying the ballot dropbox, then who is in charge of the count? And then, who said there was no fraud found? 

You bet I do.   County Court Clerk, D. Ripa.  At  4 p.m., she would go out and empty the ballot box, and take them in to the Court House, and place them in the Ballot Box there, where they stayed until primary voting, which was on May 12th. Ripa was the only one who had the key to the drop box.   I don't know about the rest of the state, but there was no fraud found here in our area.  Ripa has been  County Court Clerk for the past 6 years now, and.....She's Republican!!

{#apploud.gif}{#thumbs_up.gif} {#apploud.gif}

Besides this is New World Order Programing not personal to party and I think we may find both sides are in their own way playing the game to deceive that this take over is WORLD WIDE and it's do or die for US politicians..... I'm getting the strong feeling the past two wks we have been watching a game of Good Cop Bad Co..to keep the people cooperative.  WATCH THE VIDEO I POSTED 5/22

The OWG elitists are in BOTH parties for sure. Depopulation is a huge part of it all. Be good and productive servants to those elitists or be targets for extinction. 

you do know of course the killing off of elders to part of the depopulation plan of Agenda 21 now revised Agenda 2030 to' remove all that are a burden on the system.... Ya I'm one of them .. the virus has components directed toward this and this time .

...the vaccine will finish us off...

preaching to the choir here.... Hopefully people will listen and stop calling all the conspiracy theory. Well no not fully they there are specific versions and they keep enough mind controled to serve their purpose.......my present video up has a DeepState wistleblower and she gives the site they use as the graph for hundreds of plans.. I'll put the addy in there cause I know you can't get videos..


Heres the adress ... she is interesting the last one you'd think to be wary of but she's in hiding and on the run from them as so many whistleblowers are...

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