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Democrat HYPOCRITES love to call Trump corrupt...

Added: Saturday, October 12th 2019 at 5:55pm by OpinionNateTed


Pay attention, watch, and learn...




KEEP watching... it won't be long before California comes to the American taxpayers with their hand out, looking for a bailout.

Peolsi and all her cronie buddies in the democrat party will walk away with $MILLIONS and we will pay the bill.

User Comments

democrats SUCK...tax dollars!!! {#angry.gif}

So it is...  a tangled evil web/conspiracy they're in ...

Evils seem to be reigning stronger and stronger against righteousness... (as predicted for these End Times)

I hate it.

Though,...  thanks for that heads-up about the gang of 4 in CA

Tis written, so it shall be... the nonbelievers won't be fazed by any of the corruption in their own party. 

I dont know how true it is but I saw where Peloski is using funds from SS to fund impeachment. 

I wouldn't doubt it for one minute. If it's wrong, the democrats will do it. 

 You are so right.

Yeah, taxpayers are footing the bill.  I'm with Wendi, so did I.  As long as they can get they're grubby hands on the money, they will continue doing their best to cause havoc!

Democrats want the US economy to tank. They will always do all they can to bankrupt us... they want America to fall. 

They sure do!

It's sad that we're fighting other Americans in order to keep America the land of the free.

Ronald Reagen was the last good governor since then CA has gone evil

Ain't that the truth. CA is now full on socialist heading for communist

I believe that Trump will win again next year and will stop them. (I'm praying that will happen)

That's what the democrats fear... hence the impeachment debacle!!! 

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