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Metalheart 1derlander SouthernCharm

Day 6 of QUARANTINE... playing old records...

Added: Thursday, March 26th 2020 at 11:02am by OpinionNateTed

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Hahahaha!  This is hilarious!  Dude clearly had no recall of what 45s look like any longer {#rofl.gif}

I wonder what it sounded like. {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

Perhaps any song sung by The Carpenters {#confused.gif}

O  M  G  {#rofl.gif}

{#dancing6.gif}  you got it, eh?  {#rofl.gif}

I would have thought you would have shelves full of the Carpenters. {#basic-tongue-out.gif}

Pfffff!  I rather sing their music out loud. Better than the record {#basic-wink.gif}

OK... make a video of that. {#basic-cool.gif}

HA! Wait for it!  {#basic-tongue-out.gif}


Can't spell quarantine, either

...picky picky {#basic-cool.gif}


...picky picky

Yeah, its the curse of my only occasionally bright mind...


I have been trying to entertain myself too. Utube is where I have been.

I have been playing a lot of Yahtzee against the computer too.

Youtube's the place to be, for sure. I have a truck full of board games but it's a little tough playing against myself. {#basic-undecided.gif}

*trunk full

 Have an idea, sometime when you can , how about listing them.

Would love to see what you have.

Yes, it is hard playing by yourself.


I know I have like 4 RISK game sets, 3-4 Monopoly game sets, Yatzee, UNO, Battleship, Coup Fourré, Tripoly... and I can't remember the rest off hand.  

"Tripoly" ... haven't heard about that game for a loooong time...

 I haven't played it since I was in my 20's, but I got it. {#dancing6.gif}

I dont know where my comment just went too. I used to play Battleship all the time. Monopoly, Risk

Tripoly have never heard of. 

Tripoly Board Game - Cadaco (Card Game) - from Sort It Apps

Have never played it.

I haven't played it in decades, but I remember it as being a lotta fun back then. 

About 300 DVDs and 150 VHS tapes!

That should get you through...



It's sad.  Our Grandson came to visit, but Gary wouldn't let him in.  He wan't expecting to come in, he just wanted to check up on us, to make sure we're okay.

 That's a good grandson ya got there. {#basic-cool.gif}

Yep, he sure is!

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