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Scarly's Spooky Halloween Story - Part 2

Added: Sunday, November 3rd 2019 at 11:49am by Oakie2012

User Comments

I like how the backgrounds disappeared again.  Nice consistency with part 1.

There is no way your walking speed is faster than my car, no matter how broken it is.

Typical of you to abandon me.  I'd expect that from a woman, but you, Oak, you should know better.

Nice of the zombies to leave after they'd killed me.

Hey, at least I throw in the odd token gesture background. To lend a very temporary atmos to the whole thing.

Broken man, broken car.

Survival of the optunitist, old bean.

That's zombies for you. They have an insatiable apetite for brains and fast staggering from scenes.

I was going to put more background scenes in my vids but it turned out to be hard so I didn't, OK?

Not all bad though, I think I suit being green.

It is hard on a static basis. So I can understand why you don't.

Yeah, green takes twenty years off you mate. (A bit like a judge might if the law ever catch up with yah!).

You should dye your silver hair green.  You'll have bitches banging your door down.

Oh, I had that already after saying something that was apparently "sexist" to a lesbian. 

Unshaved armpits are fucking ugly. I stand by that.

Unshaved armpits are disgusting on women.  Revolting.  Makes me sick.

A 10 out of 10 instantly becomes a 1 out of 10 if I see so much as one hair near her pits.

Totally agree. You know, I've actually known women who didn't shave their "pits" every 20 minutes! Then they act all surprised when you get spooked out by their CREEPING MURGE. 

Republican zombies and then that whatever it is at the end, you 3 can't seem to catch a break.

Yes, the Night King from Game of Thrones was the last person we wanted to bump into in the end.

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