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Scarly Super Scientist - Part 2

Added: Sunday, February 10th 2019 at 12:35pm by Oakie2012

User Comments

To be fair, you do wear thongs on your arse, not your feet.

Brexit is a pretty powerful drug.  The secret ingredient is uncertainty.

That evil Oak has only one weakness, a one-star blog rating!

NOT IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(They are kind of pervy like that!)

What about the mega fucking certainty of being an uber-race, which, apparently we are these days?

We are strong and proud and yellow!

You remind me of Hitler's mate Mussolini. Or Ill Duchess, as he was known.

A song ONLY evil Oakie likes.

Yeah, something by Dire Straits, maybe.

No way! Mister Cox also likes Dire Straits.

OK then. How about something by a Canadian artist? it doesn't matter which, they are largely all the same.

Shania Twain?

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