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Scarly - Super Scientist

Added: Thursday, February 7th 2019 at 11:07am by Oakie2012

User Comments

A very proper and wholesome conclusion. I'd been worried that maybe, just maybe the wrong Scarly/Pokey team would prevail.

The cream always rises to the top.{#basic-laugh.gif}

This, um, IS genius, Oakster. Um, do it all the time, couldn't you...non? *snark*{#artist.gif}

What some see as black, others see as bright light.

We are enhanced, and limited by our own perception.

You're one of the brighter lights, my friend.

Awwwwww! Thanks, Coxy!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Did you say once that you are one of those real professional comedians. I remember there used to be a couple of real, standup, perform a gig, type comedians on here. And bobby and martin are book writers. Well I think bobby is now a ghost writer *badum tish*

No, not professional. I have done stand up but wasn't paid. Yeah, there was a guy called Phil who used to do the club circuit in the US.

"badum tish"? You weren't ever a professional drummer were you, Trollykins?

Hi Scarly. Glad to see you again. I've missed you. Looking forward to part 2.

This series could run and run. There just isn't enough Scarly in the world, we need more!

Good Pokey didn't come across as trustworthy at all.  He wanted to bring a load of brown people into the country to make it all smelly.  But don't worry, readers, Evil Pokey will sink those Syrian ships before they get here and machine gun any survivors.

Machine gun bein', of course, the only way to deal with aggrieved minorities. How can Merkel stand all those fucking Syrians anyhow.

Merkel is going to do what Germany has always been trying to do, destroy Europe!


Question for non-geniuses.


Answer - Merkelreich!

You Brexit twats have no concept of economics do yah!

Their economy is so strong because they keep importing young Muslims to boost the job market.  That's all well and good until the muslims pop out enough babies to make up a large percentage of the population and start demanding sharia law.

Not long after, Germany will become just another Islamic shithole.  But hey, at least the economy's doing well!🤑

You cheeky young rapscallion! Talking with you about ecomomics is like talking to Scarly about art. Constant bloody grief.

OK, as a person with a basic sense of mathmatics, Muzzies do seem to be outbreeding rabbits these days. 

But HANG ON! Their culture has to be the least "sexy" culture in the world.  All those Eastern costumes, all this walking in front and behind. All those facial whiskers. As for the blokes ........

I mean, Muslim Playboy probably consists of pictures of camels pissing on a tree, or a Western tourist. There probably isn't a word in the Qu'ran for "boob". And all the articles in Muslim Playboy would be about Saladin or Yasser Arafatbastard.

So why are the Musfolks outbreeding us?

As with every world problem South America is the answer.

We smuggled Hitler out to Argentina to keep him away from us, we let the Portuguese have Brazil, which got them out of the way in North America, and we let Shakira have a song career, despite the fact that she sees what she does as political, when its just something you'd see in any night club anywhere in the world apart from Thailand. Urghhhhhh!

Brazil is vast, has incredible natural resources, and when they finally demolish all that pesky, cumbersome rainforest (taking their time though), there will be a ton of land for Musboes to live on. And the Brazilians are Catholic, so they also believe in breeding only for breeding's sake without giving a shit for the future of mankind.

And the thing is, even though I believe that Muslims are people too. They ain't all that perty. Wheras, Brazilians are the best lookers in the world. 

All these Muslim families go over to Sud America and the guys will be all like "Wow, boobies everywhere, I have fallen in love with Samba, walk behind me even further wife bitch!"

And Islam as a faith will die out. Destroyed by its harshness, its darkness and its unshagability.

And the man from Del Monte, he will say yes!

Though this all only works if Muslims aren't people too.

Muslims are mingers, yeah.  That's why they make their women wear face veils all the time.

Brazilians are well sexy and because they're all so well tanned they think pale white skin is exotic, so people like us would very popular with the sexy samba (not guaranteed).


(Absolutely not guarenteed)

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