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Scarly - A Broad Abroad Part 2

Added: Sunday, February 9th 2020 at 12:54pm by Oakie2012

User Comments

sheesh, nobody in that whole country could provide her with a little pot??  Well, Germany will provide beer, surely.

I think that you may be onto something there, Sceney! 

I have a good ole feeling that Scarlers will be just fine in Deutschland.

Frame #12 should have ended the story with a Dutch lesbian named....Greta Dyjklsteen cutting off Pokey's penis. 2 stars only.

Not keen on that ending.

I didn't find any prostitutes or pot.  What a bloody let down.  It's not a proper holiday if I haven't given someone banana AIDS.

And I bet that lesbian was gay, too.

Still, at least that Oak weirdo was nowhere to be found.

In the original draft I was going to be the punch line.

Scarly was going to say of you and the Dutch woman "So that's the Netherlands! A place of annoying and wierd people!"

And you were going to respond "Annoying and wierd? Has Oak just turned up then?"

However, going out on a dick reference seemed much more classy in the end.

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