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Latest Scarly Tour Guide - Germany

Added: Monday, February 17th 2020 at 2:00pm by Oakie2012

User Comments

I notice Germany is split into east and west in the first picture.  How old is that map?

Good of me to rescue Scarls.  The car was dirt cheap.  It was only missing a couple of small parts.  I mean, how important are breaks exactly?  I didn't buy a car to stop, I bought it to go!

Emotionally and psychologically West and East Germany are still two very different entitities. No amount of hospital building or water pump harnessing by the West will equal things up in the East where the Russian Peasantry Army were in control for so many decades. You have to remember that peasants were still the stock of the Russian nation up until 2017. 

Scarly has sent you thanks via an email to me. You may feel that she doesn't appreciate your regualar good bloke activities, but I asure you that she absolutely does!

Just like the Welsh and English.  We will always be different.  The Welsh, superior and graceful.  The English, mean and untrustworthy.  

Tell Scarly I accept payment for my good deeds in the form of blowies.

Awww! That's great! Scarly is so pleased that she's sending her good mate Davo over to give you a couple of blowies. He's a really nice guy apparently.

What wonders has Wales produced? We English have the Colossus of Roads in Birmingham. 

Bugger to drive around mind.

I once drove though Birmingham.  All these years later I still feel unwell just thinking about it. 

Plus I have no idea why there is a Pakistani city right in the middle of England.

When FOX stated that 100% of people in Birmingham, England, were Muslim, I had to check out the Birmingham County Council stats to find out just how big a lie that was. Fox/Trump.Murdoch talk about fake news. ie often truer stuff than the Cunt News Propaganda that they put out ad nauseum.

21% of Brummies were Muzzos/Pakistanicals (Now a three year old figure). 19% were non-believers, infidels (as Muslims and Christians call us). 

The majority (just over 51%) were good old Church of England or Cathodes. Proper white English. People who recently got their country back.

{#frow.gif}Delighted that we English chappies have got our country back!

Scottish BagpiperHey! Escuse meee! Can we have our country back?

{#frow.gif} No fucking way!

21% is still terribly high.  That means in Birmingham 1 in 5 people is a terrorist or a terrorist sympathiser.  Plus that figure being a few years old means it's probably closer to 30% given that Muzzies breed like rats.

And anyway, the English can't get their country back because it was never theirs in the first place, it belongs to my noble people!

It is wrong that "Muzzies breed like rats"! WRONG!

There does seem to be a bit of a Muslim conspiracy to outbreed the 65 million non-Muslim people in the UK by the gregarious and often hard working 5 million Muslims, who also, remember, have to donate a lot of time to studying the Qu'ran, and then clearly have to set up family based terrorist cells, and go back and forth to Sudan, Syria, Saudi, in their efforts to ferment atrocious evil.

I mean. Every single Muslim has to do these things. It says so in their Holy Book.

"Do not suffer the ignorant ways of those from far off lands. Pay heed and respect to your father, your mother, your Iman and your community. And to Mohammed and the Qu'ran." - Muslim stuff 7.2

And also

"People from the land known as Wales may be an especial problem for you. They have little education there, hardly any worthwhile employment, and floods see to their cheek on a seasonal basis. They are also largely impotent as they have only "hatred sperm" born out of wedlock, rather than fine, honourable Islamic sperm,every drop of which is designed to create new life, rather than just be wasted getting a shag in a back ally with an under age drunken ho or sheep"

Let's face it Po. You and I are class acts as Welsh (Further citation needed) and English folk. But we both know very well that many of our ilk are not. 

OK, historically, you may have Cornwall. Or Cornball Wall, with their wierd non-Welsh, non-English insult of a language. The southern version of Geordie for Chrissocks!

Nice ice cream though! (Cornwall, not the Geordies! Brown bits in a geordie Cornetto have probably been recruited from the arse of a long rotted dead body - they are so authentic that lot! Or so Channel 4 keeps telling us.

Would being Islamified really be so bad? 

You feel like shit in your own society that you were entirely designed for.

You get no respect, you are not valued, though teenagers can go on a Welsh tv programme called THE VALLEYS and debase your nation and everyone in it and become rich "celebrities", wheras Muslim reality tv is probably about helping old people and clearing litter. (Other than all the machine gun and bombing stuff. Nothing compared to what Israel have been doing forever, mind you!).

You'd like my dad Pokey. He always had a vehemence towards Jews. So he was always anti Israel. Then when the Muslims started being cunts as well, he had to find a way of hating both sides whilst appearing like he had a balanced view. 

Which he now has. He can totally slag off both sides equally. 

Personally, I just feel that not everyone is Israel is a Netanyahu Nazi, who would infuriate Amnesty International every fucking day. Don't get me wrong, I don't adore the Palestinian paramilitaries. They hide within their communities, though they aren't funded by America, so walking onto a plain to fight modern weaponry Israel would be worse than suicide. Instantaneouscide. 

But terrorism is always a dirty thing. Be it by ISIS (cunts) Palestinians, Israel, the IRA, the British government/army. Terrorism is the indroduction of military forces into a civilian environment with extreme prejudice. Not martial law. No law, other than what a commanding officer decides.

The Nazis were great at that. And so were the Brits' and so are the Israelis. 

The Romans thought that they were a great civilising force, even though they mass-slaughtered their way to success on a greater basis than Ghenghis Khan. 

The British thought the same of themselves. But that view is only held within the British Isles. Everywhere else, everyone knows what a bunch of cunts we've been historically.

We invented concentration camps, mass produced slavery, and, even after hundreds of years of opportunities to become wise and astute, we came up with One Direction!!!!

So Pokey, don't you look down on other folk. We britsh have a lot to answer for. Popty Ping. Take a piece of whitebread, bung some slivers of cheese on it, microwave it, and call THAT cusine. 

At least the Scots invented haggis. 

Coronvirus is kicking in over here. All these people coming back from dirty Italy. Hehe! 

Bought a load of tinned food today. We need to stock up before our Health Secretary (freakoid) starts closing cities down.

Ahhh, reminiscent of the BLACK PLAGUE, as the Americans constantly mis name it!!!!!

It doesn't matter if we and our ilk are boorish or unimpressive in some way, we don't deserve to be replaced in our own homeland.  The Chinese have a homeland, the Nigerians have a homeland, why aren't we allowed one?

Would being islamified be so bad?  Ironically, the people islamification would be worst for are the ones who want it the most.  The far left loons, the feminists, the gays, the woke folk.  If we do really become an Islamic nation, the one solace I will take is the look on the feminists' faces as they are forced to marry Mohamed and cook and clean for him and his three other wives.

Some cultures are objectively superior to others.  Britian did some bad shit, but we also banned slavery before the other major nations and actively fought to stop others doing it.  So we did our best to atone for those mistakes.  Also Africans and Arabs did loads of slavery too, still do to this day in many parts, but no one gives them any shit for it.  

Our culture is much superior to most others, it's why they all want to come here, away from their own shit hole countries.  If their nations were so great we'd be moving there in droves, but we're not.  You'll never see millions of westerners emigrating to Pakistan.

Don't get me started on the Scots.  The only thing they invented was being loud mouth blowhards with a massive chip on their shoulders and an unwarranted victim complex.

I hope coronavirus kills the rich arseholes running the world into the ground.

Ooh! Old style Pokey Multiply spacey background on your page!


I just bothered to find out about the Corona Virus. Apparently its no worse than flu. Well, mostly! The kidney failure is a worry though! Think I'll drink extra hard tonight to relax about that. Yep! I'm going to get relaxed off my ******** face.

I can't breath that well anyway, with all the black mould in the flat, makes me cough too. Already beaten pneumonia once

And feeling hot? Pretty handy that at this time of year.

So if I do catch the virus I probably won't realise until some nurse plops me into an isolation chamber. (I wonder if they do bed baths in those things, tee hee!).

Why do all these horrid viruses always come from Chinese who caught them off animals? Why can't they be like the French and eat horses, or the Thais and eat dogs, instead of shagging cats and camels all the time?

As you can see, I did a lot of research on the subject.

Anyway no infected around here. The nearest thing that Stoke folk do to holidaying is going to Tesco for an afternoon.

No, we should only get our hopes up when the Zombie Apocolypse begins. Hey, it might even start in Birmingham. Wipe out a few of the Muzzie types that you aren't to keen on.{#angry.gif}

Coronavirus only kills old and infirm people.  So you better watch out.  

Of course it's the Chinese.  They will eat any old disgusting thing.  Just grab a bat and throw it in some soup.  They don't even cook them.  Gross.  The Chinese are to blame for anyone who dies from this virus.

Why on earth should I watch out, dear Pokey?

Yeah, but at least they don't make crumbly cheese, eh?

If you're on the bus and someone is coughing and sneezing, make sure to inhale their sneeze juices.  This will help build up your immunity to germs.  We need you to stay strong, Oik.

Hahhahaha! Haven't caught a cold for two decades. After pleurisy I put my foot down. 

1 No such thing as the common cold. Not even in Newcastle or Yorkshire. Each virus is a new challenge to the immune system.

2 You begin to show the symptoms of infection around 24 hours after being infected. At this point you should keep your arms, chest and feet warm and blow the fuck out of your nose. (ie, make your nose look like a Palestinian community after Israel has "defended" itself against babies and old people).

3 The whole point for the virus is to multiply and take over. If you warm up you slow its multiply down, if you nose blow, you eject large chunks of the virus. Meanwhile your immune system is slowly waking up to the idea that it has to get off its arse and do its bloomin' job. 

4 Slowing virus down + expelling virus + ever growing immune response = bastard nipped in the bud.

5 Within an hour you've repelled the attack completely. Though keep warm and blow a while longer to make super sure. 


How to beat red crotch spots.

I always have colds for 12-14 days, no matter what I do.  Always hang on to the bastrds for fucking ages.  

Colds love my body.  Women could learn a thing or two from colds.

Sounds like you don't actually need women. Sounds like colds fuck you plenty already.

12 to 14 is unusual. I have a mate who does that as well though. He turns a miniscule cold into a raging pandemic because his weakened constitution allows the cold to become a super-virus. 

Try and follow my wise guidence and see if it does help. Even a little. {#basic-halo.gif}

If it doesn't you should seek compensation for being cursed with lowly genes. Hehe!

When a cold gets into my body it turns into Ebola.

It just seems that trouble follows poor Scarly everywhere she goes.

Yes, I agree totally with you on that. But I have to say that the wee lassie is uber resilient!

What a little toughie! Bless her!

Yeah, she does seem to soldier though.

Er, not German WWII soldier though!{#basic-ohsnap.gif}

Fantastic, Oaktritious. Well done.

I do like it when you like what I do.{#basic-laugh.gif}

I wish you had a different screen name...you can see that my riff right there "Oaktritious" was lame. Btw my latest riff on pokeybanana is poketiquette. You know all about poketiquette I know you do. But how am I to generate a witticism from "Oakie2012"?

I do prefer Oaktastic. 

Poketiquette is good though. Ironic too, as he lacks all etiquette. 

OakArseTick2020. Perfect vision.

I'd call you a bad boy, but that'd sound a tad camp. 

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